President Weah Increases Venom on Gender-based Violence

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 With increasing spike of rape and other sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) crimes against women and girls in the country, the President of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, has stepped up his focus and attention to tackle the surging pandemic.

In recent years, and even during the COVID-19 situation, Liberia has seen an unprecedented spike in rape and other SGBV-related cases, something that has attracted the attention of the Country’s Feminist-In-Chief, Dr. Weah.

He therefore convened a meeting of line ministries of Government and partners on SGBV affairs Wednesday, July 29, 2020 not only to discuss a way forward, but also to give appropriate instructions that will get everyone fighting against the debilitating practice on the frontline.

During the meeting, President Weah lamented how disturbed he was over the uncalled-for rise in rape and SGBV cases in Liberia and called for widespread actions across the country that will nip to the bud the unacceptable frequency of sexual gender-based violence against women, including children as young as under two years.

“As President of Liberia, it is my responsibility to lead all efforts to address social and societal irregularities and threats that befall our people or any segment of it,” Dr. Weah stressed. “I have stated on many occasions as Feminist-in-Chief that I have zero tolerance for Sexual and Gender Based Violence and I mean it.”

He then instructed the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce to put into place a technical team that comprises relevant stakeholders who will regularly discuss, consult and provide concrete and enforceable roadmap on enhancing the fight against SGBV and to submit to him their findings as promptly as possible for decisive actions. President Weah, who vows to act decisively against perpetrators, disclosed his unflinching support for capital punishments for those violating minors.

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