President Weah calls for unity

MONROVIA-President George M. Weah officially declared the Bicentennial celebration open at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex on Monday, which called for national unity among Liberians.

Liberians had over a decade of civil war which affected all sectors of the country.  When he took office over five years ago, he promised to foster peace and unity.

“Whatever our differences, we are Liberians first!   As Liberia is the only country that we have, we must do all in our powers to keep it safe, not only for our citizens and foreign residents, but for all who would visit us as friends of Liberia, for work, for play, for business, for investment, and for learning,” he said at the stadium which had over 35,000 people inside and over 5,000 outside watching him speak on huge screens.

“We can also promote National Unity and Reconciliation through exercising tolerance by accepting each other’s way of life. In a country such as ours, Liberia, there are so many people with different cultures and traditions, which influence their ideologies about life and about how to approach things. We must accept and accord every person the respect he or she deserves in matters relating to differences in ideologies and understanding.

“Another major tool in promoting National Unity and Reconciliation is patriotism.  This indeed is the bedrock of our national foundation, because when there is love for one’s nation, such love will engender a spirit of brotherhood, sisterhood, and fraternity among us as citizens of Liberia, our common country.”

Liberia is celebrating  200 years of its establishment by freed black slaves from the United States of America who landed in the country in 1822. Liberians from many parts of the world to attend the event which runs for one year with a series of activities.

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