President Weah arrives at Intercessory Service

MONROVIA-President George Weah has arrived at the  Executive Mansion for the  National Thanksgiving and Intercessory Service.

The president, along with his vice president, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, and a host of religious leaders, was dressed in the white suite as well as madam Taylor.

Appearing in a happy mood, he waved to the crowd and other dignitaries who had gone to witness the event.

The program is taking place at the time when the official seat of the president, Executive Mansion, was out of use for over ten years.

It can be recalled that In 2006 during the Independence Day celebration of Liberia, the fourth floor of the building was gutted by fire during the presidency of former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf along with some visiting heads of state, but it was not completed when renovation started on it for many years. No one was harmed.

Although the building is not yet 100% done with the renovation, President Weah said he will move in and start working from there.

Parts of the program making the celebration of 200 years of Liberia will be observed in the Executive Mansion.

The Thanksgiving Service today officially climaxes the consecration of the Executive Mansion.

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