President Weah A Promise- Breaker

...says Sen Johnson Laments

By Wilvina Dweh

MONROVIA-Former political Leader and Senior Senator of Nimba county has called President Weah a promise-breaker after failing to follow the instructions given by the late prophet TB Joshua.

It can be recalled that before the 2017 presidential elections, the two statesmen visited the Synagogue Church of all nations(SCOAN) church in Nigeria and met with prophet TB Joshua(he died last year).

Speaking on the Truth Breakfast show, Sen. Johnson said the late prophet prayed for the president to be victorious and instructed that after he had been elected and before the inauguration, he should return to his church in Nigeria to perfect the prayer so that God can give him the wisdom to lead Liberia well and for investors to flow in the country.

Senator Johnson disclosed that the prophet told the president to listen to what he said, but he refused to listen to his advice and tried to make his return to Nigeria.

He frowns on the president’s action of building a church and using its pulpit to preach.

Additionally, the Nimba county politician stated that he doesn’t know whether the President will win his second term bid because he disobeyed the prophet’s order and disappointed the Nimbians.

Despite being in support of this government from the get-go, Sen Johnson said he is disappointed in President Weah for only making one Nimbian a head of a government entity, unlike the Johnson-Sirleaf’s government which employed 27 of his kinsmen to top positions.

In a very disappointing tone, Sen. Johnson maintained that the people of Nimba are not happy with the president, because they have not benefited from what they were promised even though they voted for him overwhelmingly.

Moreover, he accused the government of receiving US$1.5 million yearly from Accerlomittal for the county, but has refused to give it back to the county for over a period of five years, and sadly, he claims that the chiefs and elders of the county have not been receiving their monthly salaries.

He called on the president to have this resolved immediately because he doesn’t have the face to give Nimbaians another mandate.

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