Pres. Weah Promises More Dev.

As He Dedicates Duala Market

By: MARK B. DUMBAR (Intern)

MONROVIA-President George M. Weah CKA (Gbekugbeh) on Thursday, February 10 dedicated a new Market in Duala. The dedication ceremony started at 12:38 pm with members of the 54th Legislature in attendance as President Weah regrets the deaths of the twenty-nine (29) Liberians that lost their lives during the stampede at the D-Tweh football field in New Kru Town.

 According to President Weah, he said that the Duala Market is one of the largest markets and most important market centers in Liberia.

Meanwhile, on October 13 2021, President George M. Weah did a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new Duala Market, twelve days after his birthday.

Following his statement, he further explained that in the process of constructing the new state-of-the-art market in Duala, some people underrated his ambition, timeline, and his ability in achieving to complete this project. He noted.

However, there Duala Market has provided the means of livelihood for many citizens over the years, as the market has been in deplorable conduction for a very long time in which it had operated, while their structure suffered in tears.

Moreover, the Duala Market has grown so large that it has overflowed into the major highways that run through it and has become a traffic bottleneck and danger to both the marketers and the customers as large.

Meanwhile, President George M. Weah said over the years there has been no shelter for both men and women, as they suffer from a lack of shelters and poor sanitation facilities.

Due to the lack of shelters and poor sanitation for men and women that sells goods at the market. Now, the Liberian government has decided to address this situation by constructing a new market in a timely manner, with a financial constraint.

During the dedication of the newly constructed Duala market, President Weah also promised to build more markets in every community, town, and village in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Liberian government has brought a quick release to the marketers and the residents of New Kru Town Community by constructing a new Duala Market.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Haja Sirleaf of the Duala Market thanks and appreciates President George M. Weah for constructing a new market building for the marketers of Duala. She further added that there is a need for president Weah to give her a vehicle that could enable them to reach across another market area in part of Liberia.

She added that I am well known in all the counties in Liberia and so to my son President George M Weah we will continue to give our support to your government as you develop our country Liberia. She noted.

Meanwhile, the state of the art market is a multimillion-dollar complex which is a joint project between the Liberia government and the Japanese government.

According to President Weah,  the state-of-the-art market represents another addition to the many markets building that the Liberia government are constructing to improve the livelihood of our struggling marketers that are laboring every day.

In addition, president Weah extent special thanks to the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment LACE Boss Hon. Pepci Quiwu Yeke for his level of hard work done at the market in Duala.

President George M. Weah calls on all prospective users to make a show that the market is well clean and hygienic and that the new market building should not be like the first market.

Therefore, President Weah calls on all those that are selling near the road to leave and go into the build to sell. However, he references the red-light issue that took place a few days ago in the commercial hub of Paynesville.

Meanwhile, there District (16) lawmaker Hon. Dickson Wlawlee Seebo acknowledges president Weah for the level of development being carried on in his district. He further said that during the time of the 2017 presidential election, his district was the only district that gives President Weah more votes and so we are proud to receive a multimillion state-of-the-art modern market building. He noted

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