Pres. Weah Bemoans ‘Lies’ Against Him

-Releases Reggae Song Titled “Mr. Liar Man”

By Mark N. Mengonfia

President George M. Weah has released a new reggae song in which he responded to his critics as “Mr. Liar Man” and at the same time justified his innocence in many accusations against him.

The Liberian leader has used songs as means of communicating with Liberians home and abroad.

During the Ebola crisis which claimed the lives of hundreds of Liberians, Weah in an awareness song informed Liberians how deadly the virus was. The same was done with the Corona Virus pandemic which brought the world at a standstill. Again, the President communicated through meaningful and well messaged song alerting Liberians of the virus and providing some preventive measures.

The President’s song, ‘Corona’ was featured on local and international radio programs and was used to produce jingles for awareness against COVID-19 in Liberia.

The President just released a song to send another message to citizens of the country.

His recent effort is titled, “Mr. Liar man” which is going wide in the country and social media like wide fire.

It can be recalled that when the four auditors died, accusing fingers were pointed at the Weah’s administration that he [President Weah] masterminded their deaths.

But President Weah in his song passionately sang these lines by saying, “In my own country they trying to track me down……… Mr. Liar man.”

President Weah during the time accusing fingers were pointed at him for allegedly killing the four auditors, he denied the allegation and said in no way he can take away the life of any Liberian for whatever reason.

Recently, former Deputy Director for Rural Broadcasting at the Liberia Broadcasting System, Boima J.V Boima fled Liberia when he accused President Weah of having affairs with his wife.

In a leaked audio, J.V Baima was heard telling a colleague that the President bought car for his wife and was in a romantic relationship with his wife.

“I did not do the things you said I did, Mr. Lair Man……. Jah will judge you,” President Weah in a Jamaican tone sang the lines in his new song.

The song in Liberia is a talk of the town and is being played on major radio morning programs while social media had gone wide with it with each one taking a line from the song either making fun or appreciating the President.

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