Pres. Weah Addresses Nation Today

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-President George M. Weah will today, January 24, 2022 address the Nation wherein he will provide progress made by the CDC -led government, challenges, failures, and prospects.

Additionally, the message to the nation by the President will cover the Legislative agenda of the Executive for the period of the one-year working calendar of the Liberian Legislature.

The State of the Nation address is in keeping with Article 58 of the Constitution of Liberia which places a duty on the President of Liberia to, on the 4th working Monday of January every year, present the administration’s legislative program for the ensuing session of the Legislature.

This Monday’s State of the Nation address is the 5th address by President Weah since taking office as President of the Liberian Republic.

It can be recalled that during the very first state of the Nation address of the CDC -led government, President Weah presented four pillars to the Legislature which include: Power to the People, Economy, and Jobs, Sustaining Peace, Governance, and Transparency.

Since the President’s first state of the Nation Address, many Liberians have the thinking that the government has not lived up to the promises made to them.

There are divided views as it relates to the performance of the CDC- led government.

Some hold the thinking that the government has failed them because the promises made in pillars one and two during this first state of the Nation address relating to Power to the People, Economy, and Jobs are all not a reality.

According to them, the government has only created jobs for a few friends leaving others jobless.

“The President said he was going to empower Liberian businesses so we cannot be spectators in our own economy, but now I think that we are not even on the field” Catherine Kolleh, a businesswoman said.

According to her, to even get a loan from the bank is very had, “Only people of colors can get loans that is why you see many of the big businesses are owned by those foreigners.”

“As for me, I am not expecting anything new from the President because the messages are always the same and nothing changes,” Joseph Gonkerwon said.

“I am not even going to waste my time listening to any message. The time I will be listening can be used for something that will benefit my family and me.”

At the same time, Prince Sharman, a student of the University of Liberia said, “For me, the government has made some progress because before President Weah could take power, parents were paying their children West African Exams fees, UL was not free.”

Student Sharman added, “Today, we are going to free public universities, parents are not worried about WAEC fees. This for me is a big achievement on the part of the government.”

Jacob Bainda, a classroom teacher said, “The government of Liberia has made lots of changes. Look at the roads, see the street lights.”

He said only people who do not have eyes will doubt the government when it comes to development.

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