Precarious, Hazardous Working Conditions Unacceptable

MONROVIA-Workers and contractors at Turkish Gold Mining Company under the banner: “Leadership and workers of Bea Mountain Mining Company or Construction and Mining Contractors (CMC)” have given the company one-month ultimatum to address their concerns following the release of findings by the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR).

The aggrieved workers and contractors have also welcomed the report from the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) against the company; saying, it validates their claims against the company.

It can be that the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) in its recent report among other things accused the company of its alleged involvement in bad labor practices, recruitments of foreign nationals into positions exclusively reserved for Liberians in violation of the revised labor regulation #17 of the Ministry of Labor.

Others include the company alleged failure to implement several key development initiatives as contained in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA).

The workers and contractors alleged that workers at Bea Mountain have been subjected to precarious and hazardous working conditions over the years without any form of social protection contrary to the fundamental principles of the decent work to which Liberia subscribed.

According to them, the report released by the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) has not only confirmed their allegations but recommended appropriate mechanisms through which these countless waves of alleged human and labor rights abuses and workplace violations can be curtailed.

The leadership and workers of Bea Mountain Mining Company or Construction and Mining Contractors (CMC) said they are very pleased with the outcome of the investigation of the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) and called on the relevant authorities to ensure the scrupulous implementation of the recommendations contained in the report without any further delays.

“The leadership and the workers have therefore taken ownership of this process and request the management of BMMC/CMC to take immediate steps to address our counts which represent the most genuine concerns of the workers within one month period from the date of release in order to guarantee a safe and productive work environment at the company,” the group said in a statement issued Wednesday, February 16, 2022 in the county.

Meanwhile, in their 27 counts, the group wants the management of the company to conduct job mapping to be included as an addendum to the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as prescribed in Article 11 section 1.2 of the CBA which management has reportedly failed to do since the inception of the CBA.

“That the management provides target bonus to employees for meeting quarterly production targets consistently for the past two years with Article 35 section 1.1 of the CBA.  Reinstatement of employee Moses B. Daryoue and other employees, who were terminated without due process in keeping with BMMC Disciplinary Code of Conduct 2018 and Article 27, section 1.1 of the CBA. The unconditional remittance of CMC and BMMC workers withholding insurance premium to NASSCORP,” the group recommended.

Others include: “Abolishing the prolong definite contract of employment without benefits and social protection and provision of indefinite employment which is a key pillar of decent work. That management recognizes all new employees as union members without preconditions in keeping Article 4 section 1.1 and Article 3 section 1.5 of the CBA. That management reinstates all superintendents as union employees and restitutes their overtime that was illegally script of them according to Article 4 section 1.3.”

At the same time, the group wants the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) to assign Human Rights Inspector to work alongside with the Labor Inspector as declared by the Minister of Labor to enforce conventional labor standards.

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