“Pray For Liberia”

-Grand Mufti Sumaworo Urges Fellow Muslims

Sheikh Abubakar Sumaworo, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Liberia has lauded President George Weah and his government for the level of support given to this year’s Haj pilgrims to the Holy Land of Mecca, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I Want to thank President George Weah and the government for the unprecedented support that this year’s Haj pilgrims received,” Sheikh Sumaworo said at special welcoming ceremony of Liberian Haj Pilgrims at the Monrovia City Hall.

Unlike previous Haj visits by Liberian Muslims, which often encounter series of hurdles including arrangement of accommodation, transportation, preparation of passports, he noted, “All 235 Haj attendants from Liberia this year went through the process very smoothly for the first time. It’s was really unprecedented.”

“The Haj is the fifth pillar of Islam, he illustrated. Adding: “The Muslims in Liberia participated jointly with the rest of the Muslim world to perform this year’s Haj, 1439, which corresponds to 2018,” he told the Liberian Network in an exclusive interview.

According to the Grand Mufti, this year’s Haj was unprecedented because of the level of excellent organization that was made by the Haj’s Committee, and the full cooperation of the government Ministries with the Muslims and above all, more Liberian dignitaries participated in the Haj.

Liberia’s leading Islamic cleric also named two lawmakers from the 54th legislature (Representatives Mariamu Fofana of Lofa, and Haja Fata Sayon of Bomi), and a senior medical doctor in Dr. Swaray of JFK, and a contemporary Liberian lawyer, Counselor Sessay, and the Doyen of Ancient lawyer, Justice Soko Sackor, a former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, and numerous Imams and religious leaders across the country as those who successfully participated in the 2018 Haj.

“All of them unanimously agreed that those who participated in this year’s Haj should prioritize special prayer for the nation, and the government of President George Weah in response to the government’s kindness in terms of applying equity, generosity, and magnanimity to the Haj’s attendants and Liberians in general,” Sheikh Sumaworo disclosed.

He added: “We reached the Holy Land of Mecca; we thought it wise for us to pray for our country. We thought about this because of the goodness of the President and this government.
“We thank the President for what he has done for us (Muslims). About 235 Liberians conducted the Haj this year. During this year’s Haj, we received all facilitations from our distinguished government through the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice along with other branches of the government that assisted the process. And, we want to be very grateful to you and the government for this support.”

“We thank you and all those who helped us to reach this far. Through your support; everything that was far away from us has appeared closer to us. We are very grateful to you, Mr. President. During the Haj, we were respected beyond our expectation. Through your diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia, we were accorded all due respect and support that enabled us performed the Haj without hindrance. We want to emphasize this because of the directive that you gave them (Liberian Embassy in Saudi Arabia), which they also obeyed.

Based on the remarkable support given to the Haj’s pilgrims, Sheikh Sumaworo also noted that: “This year’s Haj is for you and the government because this is the first Haj under your regime as President of this country. Some of your government officials, including representatives, and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Muslims across the country were all part of this year’s Haj. Together, we will pray for you and the government so that this country will move forward.”

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia for the Haj, Sheikh Sumaworo revealed what he told the Saudis authorities: “We communicated with the people of Saudi Arabia that your government is working hard to protect Islam in this country. They (The Saudi government) told us to come and extend their greetings to you and the government. We want to let you know that the Muslims of this country are for you. We do not have any material gift to give you, but our heart is for you, and our obedience is for you as well. We will work to promote this government and the country.”

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