Poor Road Network Affects President Weah’s Visit to Lofa

MONROVIA – Amidst claims and counterclaims that ‘Lofaians’(Citizens of Lofa) are unprepared to receive President George Weah, Jefferson Koijee, Mayor of the City of Monrovia dispelled said rumors thus linking the cancellation to bad road connectivity.

According to Koijee, the Ministry of Public Works has taken cease of the matter by sending machine to repair the road leading to the county.

It  has been speculated that Lofa  is not  prepared to receive the president based upon the fact that their son who was overwhelmingly elected and yet to take office reason for the cancellation of the president’s trip, but Koijee claim all of these are untrue and misguided.

He further indicated that Weah will hit the County hopefully in  June and will be received joyfully by the sons and daughters of Lofa.

Koijee claimed the people of Lofa are willing and prepared to receive President George Weah contrary to speculation noting, “President Weah will go to places that no president has gone in Lofa.”

He added, “Lofa is a melting point and an area of attraction. It is the biggest reserved of the country and they are prepared to abandon everything to receive the president.”

Koijee is not cloth with the authority to speak to the cancellation of the president tour in that part of Liberia, but he claims to play a meaningful role in the president’s  pending trip to Lofa and as a son and face of the county, it is important to speak out to have the citizens inform.


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