Pondering Over The Disappearance of LRD16 Billion


There Is A big difference between a ten-year-old child being sent to buy a scratch card who comes later and tells you that the money you gave him lost from him while going to a shop and a whole container of money belonging to a country to reportedly disappeared with no trace of its final destination as it stands.

A Couple Of days ago, there has been report of the alleged disappearance of a container containing nine billion Liberian Dollars from the Freeport of Monrovia.

But It Was even alarming and shocking when Liberia’s Information Minister, Len Eugene Nagbe disclosed to the Voice of America (VOA) that instead of LRD9billion, the actual estimated amount in question is put at LRD16Billion Liberian Dollars.

Some Of The questions that now ring on the minds of people considered intelligentsias are:

How Can Such huge amount disappeared from ‘The gate way to the country’s Economy and only International Airport (Freeport and RIA)?

How Long Will it take to conclude investigation leading to the alleged disappearance of the money, who are those linked to the alleged disappearance of the container; is it officials of past or present government to be responsible?

If It Were in a country of moral and high degree of integrity, people could have resigned or be suspended by now pending investigation, but as the saying with negative meaning goes, “This too is Liberia”.

In Other Countries, when a minister or an official of government is alleged of corruption or major crimes either against an individual or the state, murder and incest cases, said people honorably resign, but in the case of Liberia, you will see the accused calling a press conference describing allegation levied against them as false, misleading, diabolical lie, devilish, assassination of hard earned character and only intended to tarnish their reputations amongst others.

With The Report of the disappearance of such huge sum of Liberian Dollars, one would have expected that some arrest could have been made by now as prime suspects or state witnesses to aid government in the investigation pending final decision.

What Information Has the clearing company linked to the disappearance of the container provided so far and is it that a ghost ordered the clearing of the container and ascended into Heaven like Elijah or risen Jesus of Nazareth?

Additionally, Who And where will the investigators be or come from? Will the findings of this investigation be a serious one or trashed as has been done to several reports presented to former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and now President George M. Weah?

Finally, This Is indeed one of the litmus tests for the Weah led administration in proving a stance on the fight against corruption since his predecessor, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf lost the battle with corruption and President Weah has sounded the drum insinuating that he might be eaten up by the Vampire (corruption) as it was described by former President Sirleaf when he (Weah) recently told a called opposition gathering that he finds it difficult to prosecute corrupt officials and perpetrators of war and economic crimes in Liberia because those concerned are all interrelated.

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