Polls open for Liberians to vote. By TNR Election Team

MONROVIA Dec 8-Polls have opened in many places across the country as Liberians vote in a midterm elections that will usher in 15 senators and two representatives and also a referendum which will reduce the tenure of the president and come in with dual citizenship status.

Even though some centers did not open on time, several voters   pledged to remain in the queue to vote.

“For me, I will stay here. Anytime they open the center, I will vote. I am a first time voter. I have not voted before. My vote will make a change,” Daniel Sackie, 19 years old said.

He said, he was excited to vote in elections. “I am just  happy my brother to vote here. I am here to make history,” he said.

For Mr. Jerome Bleetan, he will not leave the line until he  has completed. “Here, the people are not organized,  but I will wait to vote. My vote is my strength. The lines are not well coordinated.”


Ahead of that, the elections, president George Weah in a state of the Nation address late Monday called  on all Liberians to vote peacefully and called on state security to ensure the safety of all Liberians.


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