“Political Weaklings”

-John Ballout Describes His Contenders In Maryland County Ahead of December 8 Senatorial Elections

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By Lawrence T. Hoff

Former Maryland County Senator John Ballout has bragged that he will defeat all his opponents in the impending Senatorial Elections in the county.

The former Maryland County Senator who served the county from 2005 until he was defeated in 2014 during the special senatorial election is returning again to contest for the seat in the county.  Appearing recently on OkayFM, Ballout described other aspirants in the county as ‘Political Weaklings.’

The former Liberia’s envoy to Qatar has meanwhile revealed plans of re-contesting the December 8, 2020 Senatorial election with the hope of reclaiming Maryland County’s seat in the Liberian Senate unseating current Senator H. Dan Morais.

According to Senator Ballout, the true representation of these lawmakers of Maryland County has not been felt by the people they represent, saying they have not visited most parts of the county to see the poor living conditions of the common people they represent, although they were elected by them.

He bragged that no one in the upcoming election in the county can beat him, saying he has worked and is still working with the people in the county, and is also serving his country.  

According to him, he is best suited to win this year’s senatorial election in the county, noting that if one has families, investments and love for country, there is a need to take part in making the county and country a better place for all.

“I think if we have something good to offer, then we should stand up to the plights of the people and then offer ourselves in making the difference for the country, because our democracy gives the space for such,” he said.

When quizzed on why he lost the election back in 2014, he said, “Not all defeats are of the results of bad performance, and that Maryland’s case is in the opposite, in which I expected my defeat in the 2014 Senatorial Election.”

He accused the former governing Unity Party of holding secret meetings and strongly campaigning against him and in favor of other aspirants in the elections in 2014, stressing that there was lot of interference from the higher ups within the party. 

The Former Maryland Lawmaker also pointed accusing fingers at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Local Government within the county of campaigning against him.

“I am not a politician who will do anything wrong to be re-elected, I will not bowed down to what is ongoing in the CPP, cause the CPP, I think should be looking for the best person in the county. With discussion on going in the CPP about who to carry in the Maryland County election, my records in going back as Senator is based on my performance and Senator Ballout will win the election,” he added.

He noted that the quality of Lawmakers in the county and the country at large, will determined the growth and stability of the country.

“Show me a good legislator and I will show you a good country,” says Senator John Ballout.        

Senator Ballout however said, when re-elected he will put before the House of Senate a bill that will seek to address issues of harmful drugs in the country, stressing that the issues of narcotic drugs in take by young people in the country is destroying the fabric of the Society.

He however frowned on the constant use of drugs by young people in the society, calling on them to desist from such habits in order to help develop the nation.

The former Maryland County Lawmaker noted that the issue of drugs in the country is alarming and needs proper redress, so as to save and develop the young minds of the society for a better Liberia.  

He wants to proffer a bill if elected that will seek to build vocational schools in every district in Maryland County.

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