“Political Prosecution”

Rep. Younquoi Describes Cummings’ Trial; Expresses Solidarity With Group

MONROVIA-Nimba County District number eight Representative Larry Younquoi, an executive of the Opposition Political Party Alternative National Congress (ANC) has described the ongoing trial of his Political leader Alexander Cummings as political prosecution.

Rep. Younquoi said the action by the Liberia National Police for not giving caution to the solidarity group of young people who assemble at the Temple of Justice to give support to their political leader Alexander Cummings in a peaceful manner in line with their constitutional rights.

Speaking on the Truth Breakfast show Wednesday, January 19, 2022, in Paynesville, the ANC Lawmaker said he along with other members of the ANC Legislative Caucus join the solidarity group during their peaceful assembly at such a momentous event for a man  Alexander Cummings that believes in doing better for the people of Liberia.

According to him, the solidarity youth gave passages to vehicles and those who were going to the Temple of Justice without any hindrance from any of the solidarity members to anyone who was going to attend his or her business.

“We did not see any police officer to come and give warning to the group because there was nothing to warn them about the constitution gives everybody the right to peacefully assemble especially when they went to present a communication to the Justice Ministry that they will be assembling in support of their political leader, so Mr. Cummings did not appear at the court; so what happen was the supporters and partisans went to express their support and want a transparent legal process,” he said.

Rep. Younquoi further disclosed that the solidarity assembly was also intended to put the country’s democracy on the rightful trajectory.

He then denounced the action by the Liberia National Police to use teargas against peaceful citizens.

The Lawmaker said they will keep on providing direction for the people of Liberia as they await for the general and presidential elections

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