Political Parties’ Youth Vow To Guard Liberia’s Peace -Ahead of 2023 Elections

Several political parties’ youth leaderships have vowed to guard the peace of the country ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections.

The Political party’s youth leaders committed to protect the peace and stability of the country during a one-day dialogue organized by the Angie Brooks International Center in Monrovia.

Some of the political party’s youths  that  attended the one-day dialogue included, Unity Party, All Liberian Party, Victory for Change, Movement for Economic Empowerment, Liberia Transformation Party, Alternative National Congress, Liberia Restoration Party, All Liberian Coalition Party among others.

The political parties’ youths told the gathering that they as young people have a critical role to play in maintaining the country’s peace.

According to the political parties’ youths, violence will not be embraced by them during their political gathering.

They indicated that the protection of the peace of Liberia depends on every one, emphasizing that they as youths, will no longer be used as agents to instigate violence.

The political parties’ youths during   the meeting indicated that they will take the lead to educate their respective youths within their political parties on the significance of upholding the peace and stability of the country.

They called on ABIC    to continue building the capacity of the young people within the various political parties on peace building.

The political parties’ youths expressed gratitude to ABIC for providing such an impactful education on conflict prevention and how they, as youths   can protect the peace of the country, especially during the electoral process.

Also speaking, Cllr. Yvette Cheeson-Wureh welcomed the political parties’ youths for their commitment to protect the peace and stability of the country especially during the electioneering process.

She said, they as youth of the political parties can peacefully protest without instigating violence.

Cllr. Cheeson-Wureh challenged the youth not to allow any Politician to influence them to get involved in violent activities during the electoral process.

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