Political Bulldozer

As Nwabudike’s Unchecked Infamous Penetration Of Liberia’s Renowned Heritage Is Alarming; Smashing Blow Dealt On The Weakness & Reckless Links In The Beacon Of Pride & Credibility Is Critically Disturbing

With the deepest oozing wound grotesquely inflicted on this country, thus ravaging the image of Liberia by a clandestine political theft; according to pundits, and without an iota of grave criminal guilt, shame and scandal upon grossly milking for years, and dangerously damaging the credibility of a distinguished friendly, but in reality, a weak country on the altar-motive-driven-cronies; again, pundits have described Mr. Ndubusi Nwabudike’s slamming Liberia with a lawsuit upon being stalled behind the Rubicon of not achieving his political quest of being confirmed as Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) as being heartlessly deceptive and undisturbed about honor and disgrace.
Upon disgracefully embarrassing the national prestige of this glorious land of liberty, and rendering the profound, credible and traditional institutions by being a ‘political bulldozer’ wherein he allegedly with criminal intent worked his way through fraudulent maneuverability, coupled with lackadaisical that eclipsed the concept of due diligent mechanism of the Executive Mansion, pundits disturbingly pointed to the disdainful manner embattled Nwabuduke blatantly lied under oath knowingly; the preconceived knowledge of falsifying his so-called naturalization document reflective of sharp contrast to the Constitutional provision of age of obtaining naturalization status which stipulates 21 years of age while his fake and half-baked displayed naturalization document registered him as being naturalized at the age of 17 years old; with both father and mother also being 100% Nigerian citizens as opposed to the of Immigration Law of Liberia.
They additionally dwelled on Nwabudike’s enrollment in the Law School and subsequently becoming a full blown member of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA),and with total disregard for perjury (lying under oath) looming over him, has elected to sue the country for his ill-fte rooted in treacherous and chicanery at the expense of the country’s governance system and image is unacceptable
Of late, and based on massively mounting pressure from the public before and during his senate confirmation upon being nominated by President George M. Weah to the position of Chairman of NEC; barely on the third day, the President succumbed to the cries of the people and withdrew his letter of appointment from the senate; as some of these institutions he reportedly penetrated on one hand and to the other he lied under oath, are conducting vigorous investigations regarding how he (Nwabudike) got his membership while the other is working out modalities to institute legal proceeding against him for lying under oath.
At the same time, many callers recently on some of the local radio stations in Monrovia also scolded the disappointedly embattled failed to-be NEC’s Chairman, that besides the huge embarrassment he has caused for the country he claims to cherish so much coupled with the unwarranted quandary he has plunged the nation in, it is saddened to note that without an ounce of remorse, is now rewarding the very country by taking it to task through the court for nailing and vehemently questioning his dubious acts meted out against the same country he has enjoyed profound opportunities under the cover of alleged criminality.
It can be recalled that amidst the hue and cry of many appointments made by the President which have resulted into questionable reservations, the case of the rejected and embattled Nwabudike as NEC’s Chairman also critically questioned a statement made by the President in his inaugural address that usefulness of his leadership will not be determined by the eloquence of his speeches, but by the decisions he will make to enhance growth, development and credibility.
Earlier, Journalist John Kollie on a local radio station called on President George M. Weah to withdraw his nominee to quiet down the enormous dissatisfaction expressed regarding the controversial uneasiness in the city.
Meanwhile, viewing the perception harbored by a Liberian in the diaspora concerning the vested politically attached interest reportedly cherished as agenda by President Weah, Mr. Samuel P. Jackson cautions the Chief Executive the “you (Weah) try to manipulate or steal the elections you will not stay one day more than you believe and I assure you that.”

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