Politic V.S Health

BY: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gamil.com 

MONROVIA-In Liberia, politics is strongly going against health as government officials have chosen the path of playing politics with the health of ordinary Liberians.

Recently, Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon donated Seven-thousand five-hundred United States dollars to Montserrado County Health Team to help combat the second upsurge of the covid-19 pandemic.

The money was a portion of some 15k given his office for legislative constituency engagement by the Liberian Government.

The Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Senator who represents the people of Montserrado County, is a serious critic of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led Government headed by President George Weah, decided as his contribution to support the county health sector with said amount.

The Seven-thousand five-hundred United States dollars donated was received by the Montserrado County Health Officer Dr. Yatta Wapoe with a commendation from her   to the office of the Montserrado County Senator.

Apparently Dr. Wapoe did not consult health Minister before accepting the money from the Senator’s office.

When the money landed in her hands, it did not take long when she was asked to return it with immediacy, something she did.

In reaction to the senator’s contribution to the Montserrado County Health Team, Health Minister, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah instructed Dr.  Yatta Wapoe, Montserrado County health officer to return the donated money to the senator Dillon.

According to Minister Jallah, Senator Dillon’s money was highly political and she was not interested in anything that will push the health sector into politics as they struggle to comate the covid-19.

She further narrated that the Ministry was willing to receive medical assorted supplies from Montserrado County Senator Dillon, a decision that was decried by majority of the citizenry within Montserrado County.

In line with the Minister of Health mandate, Tuesday July 20, 2021, Montserrado County Health Officer Dr.  Yatta Wapoe returned the cash and presented it to Dillon’s Political Officer, Abel Plakie on behalf of Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah without following deliberation.

In reaction to the Ministry of Health decision  to return  the money, on his official social media page   Montserrado County   Senator Abraham Darius Dillon Political   Officer, Abel Plakie  described  the government   as spineless  that has no moral of accountability, sincerity  and honesty  emphasizing  that  the  recent action by  the government  through  the Ministry of Health  is one of few grave things  he has notice.

“You are rejecting $7,500 from Senator Dillon,  but asking international community  for money for health,  the Government is now seeking financial help from Colorado state in order to combat the COVID-19” he said.

Political pundits believe that the action on the part of  the Minister of Health  was an instruction from the top executive  as a means  of making  the Montserrado County Senator  unpopular while others believed that  the Montserrado County senator always use  situation  to achieve political boost.  

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