Police Uses Teargas To Disburse Protesters

MONROVIA-Officers  of  the  Liberia National Police  have used teargas  to  dislodged  hundreds  of peaceful  protesters   who were demanding  justice  for  the alleged  killing   of a truck  driver Alieu Sheriff by some  officers of the LNP .

The Protesters   that include  family members , friends, human rights advocates   early Tuesday August 3, 2021  organized   themselves  and   commenced a peaceful  parade  from   Japan Freeway,   previously known as   the Somalia Drive   with placards   and inscriptions; “we need justice , police stop   killing our people’’  to  the capitol  hill  that host  the Capitol Building ,  the Supreme Court  of Liberia  and  the Headquarters  of  the Liberia National Police.

According to the Protesters    the late Alieu Sheriff   was illegally   beaten to death by three officers of the LNP on   July 28, 2021. The protesters also alleged that since the death of their son and brother,   Authorities of the Liberia National Police are yet to investigate those who  were illegally involved in the killing of their relative.

Speaking to the media following the dislodging  of the protesters by  officers of the LNP,  one  of the organizers,   Mark Jabateh,  disclosed  that criminals  infiltrated  among  them    and engaged  into acts  of violence;  something  that prompted  him ,  to invite  the police  to take away  those according  to him,  were  infiltrators.

He further narrated  that   the police  did not go in line  with his request  but decided  to arrest   those  who  were peacefully  protesting   and  used teargas  on  them.

The Key organizer, Jabateh  also described  the Police action  as criminal   and  demanded  that   those of his supporters  be released  from prison  at  the LNP Headquarters .

However information emanating from Authorities of the LNP indicated    that President George Weah has instructed Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf, Gender Children and Social Protection Minister   Williameita  Saydee-Tarr   to intervene  as a means of finding   a solution to the matter.

During   the meeting with the LNP Authorities, the organizers and family members of the late Alieu Sheriff   and Ministers  Sirleaf and Saydee-Tarr  agreed  that  a government delegation  will visit  the family   first  during  this week  among  others.


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