Police Priorities Harmful Crimes

...Col Sarkor discloses

MONROVIA-Deputy Police Inspector for Operations Col. Marvin Sarkor has disclosed that the Liberia National Police is prioritizing harmful crimes across the Country.

Col. Sarkor emphasized that the crime like armed robbery, rape are harmful crimes that need urgent crackdown, something according to him, the police is achieving in its operations.
Speaking Tuesday August 10, 2021 on State radio in Paynesville, LNP 102 said per the crime count in Liberia harmful crimes such as rape, armed robbery have decreased.

He said crimes are harmful to the population as compared to the other crimes like jerking phones by criminals.
Col. Sarkor further said citizens do not know the different types of crimes as the result, they generalize and say crimes.
The LNP Chief of Operations said whenever there is increase in armed robbery, the police is under obligation to crackdown on it in conformity with the .

He said succeeding in decreasing harm crimes across the country by the Liberia National Police, those of the other crimes will be addressed in line with the police operations.
According to him, the police concern is mostly on apprehending those involve in harmful crimes to serve as deterrent for those would be harmful criminals.

The police, he said is engaged in targeting areas were harmful crimes are on the increase as part of their operation in tracking down criminals as a means to ensure that the citizens are living in peaceful environment.
He further disclosed that the police is planning to conduct training for motorcyclists and put into place a system on public safely with coordination of every motorcyclist.

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