Police IG Blames Counterfeit Banknotes On Illegal Border Points


By R Joyclyn Wea

The Liberia National Police (LNP) through its Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue has blamed the issue of counterfeit banknotes on the Liberian market on ‘illegal border points’.

The police IG statement comes in the wake of alleged increase in counterfeit banknotes in the country and the consequent arrest of individual particularly foreign nationals in connection with such illegal act by the Liberia National Police.

During a recent press conference, Col. Sudue explained that those with counterfeit banknotes are not entering the country through the original borders, but rather through illegal means.

He further asserted that the problem they have at the border points is beyond their own system at the borders.

The Police IG said Liberia has a cross border points and to get men to adequately guard those borders requires almost half of the Liberia National Police because the borders are poorer.

He links the poorer border situation in Liberia to reason for bringing in country counterfeit monies by those individuals.

“We have a cross border; to get men to adequately guard those borders you will be talking about almost half of the LNP. so, these guys entering with these monies, are not passing through the original border points rather they are using other pathways through canoes and any other mean they can just to enter the country,” he bewailed.

Col. Sudue explained that due to the economic burden this has on the country, the LNP is working with communities and partners to alarm the police with any information in the public in this regard.

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