Police calls on community to bury Rotten Dead body

Duport Road PAYNESVILLE -The Liberia National Police(LNP) Paynesville  detachment on Sunday called on Cowfield community, Duport  Road to take responsibility of a rotten dead body for burial.

The Chairman of the community, Mr. Cyrus  Gweh said he  his team was informed by the police in the area that they should try to bury the dead body.

The  body, identified as Ishmael Kamara of the Vai tribe body was found dead in the Cow field community early this week.

The police said they do not have the necessary equipment  to remove the body.

It is not known what led to his death. But he was seen with wounds on his head,  back and other parts of  his body

When New Republic spoke with police on the scene at the time, they said “the body will be  put here for three days and thereafter, he will buried. But it is almost a  week and the body has gotten rotten.

“Now, the body is smelling and the entire area here is bad. The police has not come and no one is here. This is very bad. This will make us sick,” one  resident told New Republic.

 As a result of that, some community youths have decided to set up road block in the area  to draw national government attention.

“No car will pass here. This body needs to be removed here. We  are not police people  or health workers to take up this body. In this wake of COVID, this is a risk to us,” a youth in the community  said.

When  the police was contacted on Saturday, the spokesman, Moses Carter said, “we were told about that body. I  am going to call the commander in that area so they can act.”

On Sunday, when Carter was called, there was no response. The police emergency line was called  but an officer on duty said, “I hear you.”

When other senior police officers were called, no one responded.

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