Police Arrest voter with multiple cards


GRAND GEDEH-A lady has been arrested in Grand Gedeh, South Eastern Liberia after she was seen with several voting cards. Her name was not immediately  disclosed to the press

The By elections is taking place due to  the election of  four representatives to the upper house in December 8, 2020.  They were Senators Edwin Melvin Snowe (former Representative district number one Bomi), Prince Moye (former Representative Bong district  number two ), Zoe Pennue (former Representative Grand Gedeh district number one), and Jeremiah Koung (former Representative district  number one) respectively.

In Grand Gedeh county where the lady  was arrested, another officer from the Minister of Commerce  smartphone was taken away after he took photos while voting. The National  Elections Commission warned all voters not to carry phone in the voting hall.

It is not known what punishment will be meted out the lady.

The by-election is taking place in four counties: Bong, Bomi, Grand Gedeh and Nimba.



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