Police Arrest Suspect Limo Yarkpawolo For Alleged Electoral Fraud


By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Police in Gbarnga, Bong County have charged, Limo Yarkpawolo a Native of Mano Wainsue Town with Electoral fraud after being caught with a simple ballot paper educating first-time voters online in Melekie, Bong Electoral District #3.

During a Police investigation, Limo Yarkpawolo had ten thousand Liberian Dollars in his back bag including several other materials.

Speaking to police investigation, suspect Yarkpawolo said, he was sent by Bong County Senator Prince Moye to educate first-time voters and transport them back to their destinations.

“Since the children registered, and left for Monrovia, they don’t know how to vote, so Senator Prince K. Moye sent me from his farm in Todee with the money to teach them and pay their way back home,” suspect Yarkpawolo told Police investigators.

Though the simple ballot paper is checked at District #3 Representative candidate Paul Wheeler, suspect Limo Yarkpawolo said he was sent by the Bong County Senator.

However, following a Police Preliminary Investigation, the head of the Crime Service Division of the Liberia National Police Bong County Detachment, John K. Flomo said suspect Yarkpawolo will be shortly sent to court.

Notwithstanding, Bong County Senator Prince Kermue Moye has not commented on the allegation.

However, the investigation continues!

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