Pepci Initiative Donates To Hospitals, Media & Local Population

LOFA-Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) boss, Pepci Quiwu Yeke has donated to health facilities in Lofa thus putting smiles on the faces of people  in that County.

The donation was done Thursday July 1, 2021 under the banner of the Pepci Development Initiative.

The donation accordingly is as part of Mr. Yeke’s personal contribution in the awake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He  donated several items to individuals and institutions to help strengthen and augment the capacity of the local population, mainly in Lofa County.

The Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) boss in continuation of his philanthropic gesture to his people, embarked upon a major health initiative of refilling of all empty oxygen tanks especially at the Telewoyan Hospital in Voinjama and the Zorzor current Lutheran Hospital in Zorzor, District, Lofa County.

The gesture according to the coordinator of the Pepci Development Initiative, Bob Gizzie, is among other things meant to help protect the people of Lofa by helping to save their lives.

Additionally, Gizzie stated that the refilling of the tanks will continue for six months to include the fueling of the generator as a means of empowering the County Health authority to combat the deadly pandemic.

The son of Lofa also promised to provide 5.5kva generator for the Zorzor treatment center and five bundles of zinc for the elder house in Zorzor City, Lofa County.

His initiative also touched the media community in Zorzor as Radios Life and Alternative both received seven bundles of zinc and one hundred bags of cement respectively to help condition their stations.

In a happy and appreciative mood, the joyous beneficiaries showered praises on their son for his many developmental initiatives which  they said are graciously impacting their lives.

They termed the latest gesture by Mr. Yeke as timely and urged him to continue his good work for the betterment of them and the society at large.

It can be recalled in June of 2021; Mr. Yeke during the fourth phase of the Citizens Engagement County Tour in Lofa County also historically installed about one hundred solar lights in his home town Fissebu as currently and unlike before the entire Town is now electrified thereby providing security in the area as well as improving local economic activities.

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