Please Run 2023 …citizens of Gorblee ask pres. Weah

Gorblee Bassa-Citizens of Gorblee, Wayzohn City, Wee Statutory district, Grand Bassa County have pleaded with president George M. Weah to contest in the 2023 presidential election so as to enable him complete his developmental work which he started.

Gorblee is where president Weah was taken live for some time by his late uncle and went to school briefly. He also played soccer in Gorblee town. So, students and residents in the town believe that as a son of the soil, it was time to give him the opportunity to complete his vision.

Reading from a prepared text, student Comfort Russ, of Gorblee High school said: “the leadership that you have provided for this nation since you came to power is great”.
She named some of them as construction of 14 military hospital, construction of 100 bd room housing units in many counties, pavement of feeder roads, upgrading of Grand Bassa Community college and many more; it was time for him to be given chance to complete what he has started.

Miss. Russ said: “Cognizant of the role you have played to put Liberia in its rightful place in the comity of nations through your effort, giving the Liberian economy back to Liberians, thereby restoring the dignity of Liberians both at home and abroad; that action you have taken with transparency and accountability and good governance in government; We the students of Wee Statutory district believe that you have the leadership ability at this time to manage our country peaceful and You are the rightful person God has given us in this time to be president of the country at this time.”
She released it like this: “Now, therefore, we the students of Wee Statutory district, with the strong conviction that you are politically, physically, mentally charged to steer the affairs of the state and to complete the unfinished business of the Liberian people do hereby petition you to run for the office for the office of the president Republic of Liberia for the second term. In so doing, we herewith present to you this petition as our commitment to support You for second term in office.”
In response, president Weah said he would consult with his party and make a determination.
He said due to the eloquence of student Russ, he offered her scholarship to Masters level upon her graduation from Gorblee school.

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