PJY Attacked


Reports emanating from vote-rich Nimba County say the county’s godfather and former political leader of the Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR) has been attacked in Nimba while on a campaign trail in the county.

During the attack according to the Nimba County lawmaker, his vehicle was damaged by his attackers while his son who was riding with him sustained serious injury.

It is also reported that one person has been killed in the county when an was argument ensued between a supporter of the Unity Party and another person believed to be a supporter of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Narrating the situation in a statement issued yesterday, Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson noted, “To my fellow Nimbains and supporters; in the town of Gbor-Wheiplay, situated in District #4 of Nimba County, I experienced an attack orchestrated by the Representative of that district, Rep. Gunpue L Kargon. He is no longer the choice of the people due to his selfish representation, disobedient and disrespectful behavior towards the people he represents.”

I’m the one who helped him achieve his current position. Hon. Gunpue has received over 2 million dollars from the CDC government, which has failed to fulfill its promises to the Liberian people, including the payment of Nimba County’s land rental fees amounting to 9 million United States Dollars.

The Nimba County Senator further that that incident occurred during his campaign activities in Nimba County region, “A place I hold dear in my heart.”

Senator Johnson disclosed that the attacks transpired when their campaign team visited a town named Sole Vayanglay adding, “Here, CDC supporters, led by the head of the Good Governance Commission and former Representative of District #4, Garrason D. Yealu (my own son, whom I propelled into Liberian politics), engaged in a clash with supporters of Rescue 2 and Unity Party Vice Standard Bearer, Jeremiah Kpan Koung. Unfortunately, this clash resulted in the tragic death of a young man aged between 22 and 25 years upon his arrival at the hospital.”

According to Senator, the situation escalated to such an extent that they were unable to find rest in Vayanglay Town that night. “This was primarily due to the aggressive behavior exhibited by the CDC supporters, who fatally injured the young man by pelting him with rocks aimed at his abdomen,” he added.

Prince Y. Johnson added, “As a devoted man of God and a Senior Senator representing the cherished people of Nimba County, my utmost priority is to maintain peace. My deep affection for my constituents compels me to avoid any form of conflict or violence.”

He added, “This sentiment motivated us to put ourselves in danger back in 1990 when we courageously rescued our people from oppression. We do not wish to return to those days when our people were homeless and hungry due to the dire circumstances they faced. See the damages they carried out on my car and my son was also wounded in the clash.”




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