PERSONALITY:Jonathan O. Grigsby, Snr. Journalist

Everyone in life has his or her story to tell before becoming successful one way or the other. Most of the   decisions that you, as a person will make   during you Upbringing,  either determines the destiny be it positive or negative.

Our personality did undergo through that same path of life, but with the help of his parents, he was able to transform into a positive thinker who is now a mentor for many young professional journalists across Liberia.

Mr. Jonathan O. Grigsby Snr. is an employee of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS).  He is one of the outstanding staff of the News and Public Affairs Department of  state radio. 

I am one of those who, our personality mentored  into this noble profession upon my graduation from the Kalita High School in 2005; when  I enrolled  at  the Liberia Broadcasting System School of Journalism, a tanning component of  the State Radio at  that  time.

My dear readers , I only highlighted  my interaction  and mentorship  that our personality provided me  during  my entry  into  this profession how passionate he has  been  for  those  who are willing  to be mentored.    

In our conversation, Mr. Grigsby indicated that he was brought up in a Christian home with his late Father and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Grigsby, Snr. including six siblings and other relatives in Cestos, Rivercess County.

Relating to his education this  professional journalist narrated  that   he  Started schooling at the early age, with parents guidance focusing on trained up the child in the way, he should grow and when he is aged, he will not depart from those trainings.

He said chastisement, honesty, allegiance, self-control and respect were those virtues that were instilled in his upbringing.

According to him, besides Rivercess County, he spent some of his life in Grand Bassa, Margibi, Bong, Nimba and Monrovia.

Like any other young person coming up, Mr. Grigsby reflected that he indeed played football, basketball and tennis as well as writing and spelling were among some of his hobbies.

He further narrated that his parents and other siblings including relatives lived together until the 1990 civil upheaval that separated some of them.

With a deep reflection following years of escaping from the terrors of the guns, the materials invented for the elimination of human lives in the hands of others, he surfaced in Buchanan, a safe haven under ECOMOG controlled area.

Mr. Grigsby historicized that after several months in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, he found himself in Monrovia where things were rough and tough but being focused according to him with Christ Jesus, the Captain on the ship “I am where I am today”.

He said Being a Liberian Journalist today, it all started at grade school level where he was writing for the school newsletters and newspapers.

Moreover Mr. Grigsby said in an effort to get the basic skills in the journalism profession, he moved at the Don Bosco Youth Center. He said following the journalism training, he was able to work at various newspapers, magazines and radio stations in Monrovia as intern and contributor, before getting at the Liberia Broadcasting System.

“In the years of my journalism profession, I have vowed to uphold the ethics of the profession and mentoring many young Liberians who are journalists today” he noted.

Our personality said What  hanged  to inspire him up to now, is when he has  a piece of work to do, he  does it at his  best, indicating   that he  does his work to  the best of his ability in  the absence of their  bosses along with his workmates, stressing that  at the appropriate time, you who work diligently  will be awarded.

Mr.  Grigsby is a member of the Reigners Assembly Kingdom Addict Mission; currently, he is the Acting Church Administrator and married to lovely Mrs. Cerue Markon Richards-Grigsby with two sons.

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