Personality Profile: Reuben Reeves

By : Sweete S Cole

The idea of becoming the change you want to see reflected in many people is important today.  

He’s the true definition of a change maker, one who speaks about change and brings changes.

Reuben Reeves is a social entrepreneur, policy writer, speaker, and aspiring diplomat.

He‘s also  an alumni of the Weltona Christian High School and a current student at the African Methodist Episcopal reading.

He’s unmarried and a family Oriented person. He is young, he remains committed to his dream and desire of becoming a person who brings change.

As a young man who faced numerous of challenges along his journey, Reuben is driven by the fact that in Liberia, the majority of youths face poverty and multiple barriers to education (like having to walk miles to attend school, unavailable funds for the school, etc) . So  Without education and proper support, young Liberians are often forced to turn to crime, drugs or prostitution. In an effort to change that, he founded Rehab Africa, a nonprofit organization designed to provide young Liberians with an equal opportunity to thrive. Rehab Africa leads events, discussions and workshops to give teens an innovative education and mental health support. The curriculum teaches students skills in technology and entrepreneurship while encouraging them to improve local issues in their communities. Reuben also values a holistic approach, working collaboratively with teachers, families and parents to rehabilitate teens. Under his supervision, Rehab Africa has directly worked with 2000+ young people across Liberia and will open chapters in Egypt and Uganda soon.

He has mentored many young Liberians and is still in the position to do likewise.


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