BORN : March 15, 1993, Kpanyan District Sinoe County.

 Our personality of the week is a man who imparts knowledge into the heads of students. They may be referred to as students today,  but different titles tomorrow; like leaders, ministers, directors, etc.

He is Dominic  W. Nyenswah from the South-Eastern part of Libera.  He has been in the teaching field for five years at The  Global Evangelistic Mission School Caldwell-New Georgia.

‘I have found it more prudent to be in the classroom. Imparting knowledge to future leaders is very key. As a Liberian, I see this teaching field as the gateway to improving the educational sectors in Liberia’, he told me last week.

He brought it all back how he started. “I can remember when I was in grade school one of my admirable instructors used to tell me that; “ If today you educate a man, you educate a nation”  imparting knowledge to us was his best passion as a teacher. I used to like his approaches in teaching.”

According to him, he has a passion for teaching and imparting knowledge to the younger generation of mama Liberia. Whenever the academic year comes to an end; I carry out a study class to accomplish my passion for imparting knowledge.

To further demonstrate his desire for the teaching field,  when the school closed, he sometimes conducts quizzing practices for the school academic team. He voluntarily initiated this program in school, because he was involved in this game during my high school days.

‘Moreover, the best thing we as young people can do is to pass the knowledge and information that we have learned over the period of time.’

According to him,  those students that are in the classroom are the next President, Senators, Ministers, Teachers, Pastor, and so on. “So this is the reason why I am doing that,” he said.

  “As a young man, whenever I see myself in the morning, God wake me up in the morning, I have my bath and move to the classroom, I feel proud seeing myself in the classroom and imparting knowledge. Moreover, whenever I see myself teaching people, I feel honored as a teacher and a patriot.  What people need to recognize in the teaching field is that the field is not for money-making; where someone will wake up in the morning and start to collect money from students all in the name of grade business or have a sexual relationship with students in the school. I see that as unethical to the professional. This field was established to give out knowledge to those individuals that are in need of it.”

So, he said, this field is to make students know, what they do not know. To impart student’s life and to bring out the passion for education. Sometimes, he said, when he is not in the classroom he feels ill. “Being in the classroom as a teacher, also helps me alot, it refreshes me about things that I did, and left behind for over a decade,” he continued.

So he cleverly says, his presence in the classroom brings him joy, and he is delighted to be a teacher as a young man.
I am Twenty-eight years (28), and I  am a man; so as a man I have to inform and transform the mindset of other Liberians  in educating the younger generation.”

For now, he is studying Procurement and Public Administration at the United Methodist University, hoping to have a degree in Procurement, logistics & supply chain management, with an emphasis in Public Administration.

For my level of education. Firstly, I have gone for many teacher workshops and training, the knowledge I have gotten gives me some level of egregious energy to expand in the teaching field.

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT? “Firstly, let me use this time to encourage most of our young people, that we should not be carried away by things of the world; rather we should be prepared to teach others that need to be taught; I have observed that most of my comrades that have gotten a degree, certificate or diploma from various institutions in various field of study in Liberia.  I am calling on all comrades to come out so that we can educate our future generation.”

So, our personality of the week thinks that teaching is what he loves best and who knows, that one day, one of his products will be in a position of decision making.

Written by  Mark Dunbar(intern)

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