Madam Angeline F. Tamba

Name: Madam Angeline F. Tamba

Position: Customer Service Officer

Institution: United Bank for Africa Liberia

Specialization: Management & Sociology

Arriving six years ago as a non-banker, nobody could ever imagine the exuberance and vision that our Personality of the Week, Madam Angeline F. Tamba was bringing to the United Bank for Africa Liberia. She arrived ‘empty’- without working in any bank in her career, although she studied Management and Sociology. Prior to her promotion as Customer Service Officer, Madam Angeline F. Tamba worked as ‘Teller’ for one year six months at the bank, and was later elevated to her current position due to her commitment and vision.

Charged with the responsibilities to help develop strong relationships with clients and customers, Madam Angeline F. Tamba who is celebrated this week as our personality of the week has gracefully helped to answer the bank’s customers and clients’ deep questions, resolve their problems, processed them, and make recommendations where applicable.

The exuberance Personality of the week said “I see our customers as family to the bank because we spend our day-to-day activities and we interact with them on a daily basis. As they come in, we see them as family and also see them as our kings and queens and we treat them like that.”

The UBA is known for its strength in digital banking, Madam Angeline F. Tamba and her team have strategically and proudly helped to increase the appetite of customers and clients to make use of technology in banking regarding the purchase of additional products and services.

Today, she has brought total life and admiration to the bank that every customer coming to the bank and wanting to be associated with the bank always wishing to see her smiles, professionalism, humility and down to earth spirit no matter how tough or uncontrollable a particular customer may be.

She has made the UBA a center of attraction, a household name because of her selflessness, humility and patience with customers as a first point of contact for customers in the bank.

“UBA is an African bank and we give our customers the best service, we want UBA to be the # One always. Our digital banking system has been very great for us and our customers. Most of our customers are really making use of our digital platforms. We have Leo that can be used on WhatsApp, Messenger, Mobile phone, Facebook, internet banking, mobile apps, among others,” she spoke with this paper when she was announced as our personality of the week.

She has benefited from other trainings from the Central Bank of Liberia, the UBA and others as Customer Service Officer.

She is captured as our personality of the week because she has professionally and passionately worked directly with customers and clients from all backgrounds.

Madam Angeline F. Tamba has worked with clients and customers about their experiences with the bank’s products or services and encouraged them to purchase products or services.

Our personality of the week has also answered clients or customer questions about properly using or accessing a product or service. She listens to customer or client complaints or concerns and works to resolve them.

“Whenever customers come, we handle their concerns with care. Some of them will come with anger.  And in that regard, we are always mindful of them. We are watchful and serve them the right way because one angry customer can cause chaos. We communicate with our subsidiaries to follow suit. My motivation comes from the customers because it is because of them that we are here to solve their issues. Our interactions give me the courage and strength,” our personality of the week told our microphone.This was proven some time ago. Most often she is seen smiling with customers. When customers are angry, she brings smiles to their faces. At one point, a journalist (name withheld) shouted at her due to an issue with Visa pin code. After he expressed his disgust, then, Madam Tamba politely replied: “Sir. Please come let me help you resolve the problem. This is technology problem and not the bank’s fault,” she said politely.

Reluctantly, the media person went with madam Tamba.   After it was resolved, he told her, “You really know how to talk to customers. I think if I have my own way, I will tell management to promote you. Now, you are my friend. I am sorry for shouting at you,” he told her.

“No problem. We are here for you anytime sir,” madam Tamba responded with a smile again.

The journalist then, decided to become closer to her. He asked one of his friends after he left the banking hall. “My man, is that girl I shouted at married?  The way she answered me, made me to have some social feelings for her.” His friend replied: “I do not know.  The next time you go there, smile and ask her or take her for lunch.

Due to her commitment and the task, she was asked by the management of UBA to remain and ensure her vision moves on during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, whether that media man ever went back to ask madam Tamba of her social relationship or not,   only he will answer that question anytime his other friend sees him. But her role in the bank has attracted many people and she is indeed our personality of the week.  Read next week who  becomes our next personality.    By Reuben Sei Waylaun, edited by: Al-Gblor




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