Profession:  Teacher

Every nation’s transformation depends on those who are willing to take on the challenge regardless.

They try to take the bull by the horns regardless of whether they are or not receiving economic benefits to make a great contribution in building the human resource capacity for the positive and developmental growth of that nation.

One group of people who are in such humanitarian areas are those who have accepted to be in the classrooms dispread the very low salary or if you may call it ‘transportation reimbursement.

Teachers are those who make doctors, Ministers, preachers, and all other professionals in the world, but think of it, they are very low in their take-homes (salaries)

Most teachers are unable to live a worthy life due to their low income, notwithstanding teachers are key in the human resource growth of any nation including our beloved country, Liberia.

One of those who is contributing greatly in that sector is our personality of the week who is a prominent educationalist.

Our personality of the week is making an impact to provide knowledge into the heads of those we often referred to as the country’s future leaders. Mr. Momo Passawe is a citizen of Grand Cape Mount County.

He has obtained an Associate Degree (AA) in education and also a “C” Certificate all from the Standard Teacher Training College (STTC) located in St. Paul Bridge, Montserrado County.

He is not one of those who are ‘ill responsible’ but he is married and blessed with two children.

Looking comfortably with joy, our personality of the week told me that he has been in the teaching field for over six years imparting knowledge at the John & Minnie Wulu School, a learning institution located in St. Paul Bridge community.

One of the things that keep Passawe in the educational sector he said is his passion and love for the country’s youthful population.

“I have passion in the teaching field, imparting knowledge to students is very discreet to me,” he said.

With his passion, he said there is a need for the Ministry of Education through the governance of President George M. Weah find a way to better enhance the educational sector of Liberia.

According to him, people believed that teaching does not have money, especially the private sector, and for this reason, some of them ventured into the field with the mindset that they are only coming to provide their services to the nation knowing that it has little or nothing to offer them.

“Look, my brother, some of us are still around because we have a passion to impact the next generation to be in the position to make better changes for our nation, Liberia, and the world in general” he noted.

Given his years of experience, Passawe said “I have taught to so many schools before coming over to John & Minnie Wulu School with the ideals in the classroom management that has prepared me to currently serve as the Vice Principal for Instruction.”

Reflecting on the importance of providing quality education to the younger generation, the Liberian educator expressed the hope that the Government of President Weah will fully provide the needed support to the educational sector that will attract more professional educators to return into the classroom.

He said, “Let me tell you some of the challenges that we are confronted within the teaching field, it is not a money-making field, but the significance of this field is to educate the younger generation of our beloved Country Liberia.”

He added that the teaching field is driven by passion and profession.

“I am during everything possible in my capacity to educate myself for tomorrow; because when that in time comes in Liberia, I would be left behind as a professional educated,” he said.

He additionally said, “I went to say to my fellow colleagues that the teaching field should not be a stepping stone to get what you want to get, the teaching field is a professional field and not a money-making field.”

According to our personality of the Week if a doctor makes a mistake on a sick person and that person has to die, “So say we lost one life; but, if a teacher makes a mistake in the classroom that teacher has just achieved in destroying more than four generations.”

Passawe said students in the 21ST century believe in teachers more than their own parents or guardians.

This has made them put in his time in impacting the lives of those kids he has come across since he started teaching as a classroom teacher.

The personality of the week is a column written by the New Republic Newspaper to recognize those who are contributing to Liberia’s development in their own ways.

This week personality of the week was written by our, Mark B. Dumbar (Intern)






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