Every Government as part of if efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in the public sector mostly government ministries and agencies the role of auditors are key in addressing transparency and accountability.

With the Government putting into place a system to provide check and balance in the financial discipline internally with in the ministries and agencies institutions or agency with reliable individuals are to serve in that capacity.

However, that integrity institution has its own way of operating with citizens of Liberia, by ensuring that it hires the most trusted and reliable individuals.

Based on that the institution controls and monitors other agencies and entities’ financial records; assurance that entity and agency work in accordance with proper financial discipline.

It was due to those efforts that the government through the legislature established the Internal Audit Agency (IAA).

The IAA helps the government to accomplish its objectives by strengthening internal audits and internal controls within every government institution.

It is this institution; our personality of the week, Ms. Rita Jah is currently serving in the capacity as auditor at Redemption Hospital.

Madam Jah was born on January 28, 1980 in Sinoe County; she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the United Methodist University and has achieved other certificates from other professional institutions in Liberia.

Our Personality of the week is happily married and blessed with five children- two boys and three girls.

Madam Jah, a professional auditor is committed in providing   monitoring support in strengthening and controlling the government’s financial revenue in every ministry and agency.

She added, “At the internal audit agency where I work, we are stationed at various ministries within Liberia to give the Liberian people quality assurance wherein the values of money are show.”

She mentioned that the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) has ten important monitoring and controlling areas they observed in various ministry which they are: Personnel, Finance, Access, Procurement, and the list goes on.

She added, “Whenever an entity wants to carry on payment or to procure anything, that entity has to go through our office in making sure that we give some guideline on how to go about and what necessary documents are needed”

“I have been working with the IAA for four years now as an auditor to several ministries and agencies, she noted”

Our personality of the week indicated that with her level of experience in the field as an auditor in various ministries and agency, she is now at the Redemption Hospital making sure that all financial matters are controlled and monitored through the IAA record.

She added, “I live with my five children all along from the day my husband left for the United State, we have been living together as one happy family; yes, problems may appear, but it can be solved”

Additionally, “she called on all women and girls to be courageous and focus in pursuit of excellence for their feature; because tomorrow waits for no one and it is not too late to educate themselves.

Our personality of the week is written by Mark B. Dumbar from New Republic Newspaper print house




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