Personality of the Week

Imagine been driven by passion to work exceedingly hard just to ensure that you make the necessary impact in your society, but never had the slightest thought that one day your work will triumph and be recognized by local and international bodies. Well, this is the case of an enterprising, humanitarian, activist, classic designer and result oriented Liberian young lady; Humpheretta Reid.

Our today’s personality of the week was born in Brewerville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia; she first had the passion for the field of journalism.

But in no time she later shifted to a more humanitarian and people driven initiatives with the aspirations of making meaningful impacts in society. Maybe journalism would not make it all for her.

Our personality is a contemporary designer, social worker, a role model and progressive emerging national leader.

Due to the scars of Ebola, the terrible global accounts of COVID-19 and looking at Liberia’s health capacity, fear once more engulfed the Government including the general public.

However with self-confidence and conviction to always contribute to society, Ms. Reid defied these fears driven out of the unprecedented rise and hospitalization rate in COVID-19 cases, went down in social services and thereby pioneered the designing and mass production of the reusable Ankara hygienic masks.

Her innovation ignited not just local ownership, but also served as an outshoot for preventable local measures that set the balance through local resource mobilization in the face of scarce imported masks.

Her invention further experienced timely testing and authorization by the National Public Health Institute of Liberia and popular usage by health workers and general public (low-income community dwellers, motorcyclists, NGO staff and volunteers, students, etc) helped to curve the wave of infection, spread, and death and ignited the nation success to contain the long-term effects of COVID.

The young entrepreneur’s work and creativity thus attracted some international bodies including the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) With funding from them and other philanthropic institutions, which eventually saw citizens and residents to ably masked-up by using Humpheretta’s reusable Ankara hygienic masks that were distributed free.

Amazingly, her invention has inspired many. Today, it is widely being produced for both prevention and self-economic empowerment.

The Liberia Girls Rock honoree, Ms. Reid is an activist and Program Manager of Liberia’s Initiative for Empowerment – LIFE.

LIFE is a non-for-profit NGO focusing on women, youth and children issues: right-based advocacy, socio-economic empowerment for women, early childhood education, women’s leadership and political participation, peace-building, SGBV, etc.

As Program Manager, Ms. Reid recently engine a new COVID-19 program aimed at bridging the gap of children ignorance and exposure to the virus.

The program has produced and distributed more child usable masks, educational leaflets and lectures, and airing of children focused drama/play and talk shows.

Her past six years also witnessed tremendous impactful leadership roles demonstrated by the Honoree.

Among other things, She volunteered as Lead Guidance for BBB (Big Belleh Business Club); A program designed and rollup to provide referral pathway for pregnant drug abusers during pregnancy and minimum social and health support to their infants. Initially, Ms. Reid served as member of the Adolescent Girls Division, Ministry of Gender and Social Protection – supporting program, outreach and partnership with local CSOs on adolescent and youth reproductive health, SGBV, and career development.

Humphretta is also Member of the National Civil Society Council of Liberia and a graduate of the 5th West Africa Course on Human Rights and Drug Policy, Accra, Ghana.

She attended and participated in much strategic training, notably: leadership, advance project development and management, NGOs management and management of designated funds, etc.

She runs a private business: The Feso Experience Events. This multi-cultural enterprise features Event Décor, Rentals and Event Management.

Among other things, she envisioned through her work to help transform the lives of the ordinary people from ashes to beauty.

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