Chief Inspector Perkins C. Buckle

Name: Chief Inspector  Perkins C. Buckle

Position: Traffic Chief Inspector

Institution: LNP

Specialization: Traffic management

When Perkins C. Buckle joined the Liberian National Police(LNP)  in 2006, little did he know that he would face some tough challenges  in the field.   At first, he was  discouraged and  wanted to quit to  a different career, but after some time of medication and prayers,  the young energetic  Perkins decided to say and undergo the toughness.

He has two kids,  but he is not married, he said.  Anyway, that is not  the issue. What matters is, he is  a hard  working officer who is serving his native home with pride and  dignity. He does not have time to stay with his kids to  play and talk, due to the level of work he does.  Anytime he can be called upon when there are  traffic congestion, he said.  “I do not refuse a call. Sometime when I am with my children  the call will come. I  will not say no. That is  one of the reasons I am in the force. I love it and must obey.”

He graduated  from Elizabeth Crawford High school and did  not waste time in seeking ways to control vehicle movement around the country. His training went well and  became excited after graduation, in 2005; but the level of recognition was never accorded him during the regime of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Now, the story has changed. He has gained some good level of recognition . “This  George Weah regime, I am recognized. I like this field. When you do things and people appreciate you, you feel good,” Perkins said around Vamoma house in Sinkor.

Even to get him for the interview was not easy as every time he was called to move in to direct traffic. Nevertheless,  he  granted the  interview.

Controlling too many officials with too many siren on their vehicles plying the streets are some of his challenges. These things affect  the movement of traffic and  especially, traffic control system.

“When you look at times, you see this other person with Siren. I think what the law says about siren, we need to abide by it. Only those the constitution recognizes should be the ones to carry,” he said.  “Government needs to minimize  this siren business.”

One of this  bad times in the police was few years ago during the  regime of madam Sirleaf around MTN  head office in Sinkor when he was hit by a vehicle-Nissan Maxima. Why was he hit? He explained: “I asked the driver to leave the opposite lane and get into his rightful  lane.  But, he never did. Rather,  the driver moved and hit  me. He ran away. But  someone came and put me in his car. We chased  his car and got him to Cabral Estate,” he said.

Despite all this, he still loves his field.  That is the  profession he has so much  fallen in love with that he  does not see himself leaving anytime.

But rather, Perkins wants to grow in the police force because that is the field  he  desires. Not only that, but  he has vast experience in it.

“I want to grow up and get promoted one day.  I know one day, I will be promoted. I know the job now.  I want to thank my bosses who are always there for me. I love them and base on  my work, they will one day promote me so I can grow,” he said.

“I want to thank them because I am learning from them. I want to thank them for the level of support given to me. I did not know much when I  joined newly, but now, I know of the traffic regulatory laws. When  there  is huge traffic, I know where to start from and to allow it to flow.

Perkins knows the  job, but his kids hardly sit with him to talk. Only time will tell when he will sit to  converse with his two kids. That is the personality of the week. It is  his  cup of Tea, which seems to taste good for now  for him.

We are waiting to see when he will be promoted. Whether  he will still show the sign of exuberance in the field.

Read next week who becomes our next personality  of the week.


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