“People’s Will Should Be Respected”

-ANC Executive Koiquah Asserts

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

MONROVIA-An  Executive member of the fractured  Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Victoria Koiquah said people within the CPP’s will of leaving,  should be respected at all times.

Madam Koiquah who is the Alternative National Congress (ANC) vice Chairlady of the Women Congress, said there is a freeway for people or parties’ desire of leaving the CPP in line with the framework document.

Madam Koiquah did not indicate the provision of the framework document given free will to any of the constituent parties within the CPP.

Speaking Thursday on Truth FM in Paynesville,   the female Politician said there are people who were in the CPP and lied to the political leader of the ANC, Alexander B. Cummings that he altered the CPP framework document without proof.

“The framework document says every political party that will withdraw from the CPP is free to go, but such party will not feed candidate in the name of that party, so you either go as an independent candidate or with another political party”, she said.

Madam Koiquah said she will engage other executive members of the CPP not to focus on the legality of their friend’s decision to depart from the CPP, but will give them free will for them to function.

The ANC vice Chairlady of the Women’s Congress was reacting to the departure by the Unity Party from the CPP.

She said it will be prudent for those within the CPP to relax the legal basis on Unity Party, and those who have departed the CPP to be given legality to feed a candidate in their party’s name in the upcoming general and presidential elections.

“I will be pushing for use to let it go and let them do whatsoever they want to do”, she indicated.

Madam Koiquah said two of the constituent parties leaving the CPP will not derail the vision and intention of the CPP for the overall good of the Liberian People.

“There are people who believed that the CPP should work, we have to be truthful to ourselves, “she said.

She urged Liberian politicians to be truthful to the public and do away with lies in the name of politics against their friends.

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