“Peace Stability Cardinal in These Elections”

By: Perry B. Zordyu Email: zordyuperryb@gmail.com


Since the confrontation between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change and the Unity Party, several institutions and individuals have come down hard on the ugliest and breaching of the recent Farmington River Peace Agreement that was signed among all political parties including independent candidates in Margibi County.

The Resident Bishop of the Trinity Evangelical Church of Liberia is calling on Liberians across the country to maintain the peace as the country heads toward the October 10 General and Presidential Elections.

Speaking with reporters over the weekend, Bishop G. Abraham Powell said the country is heading to what he termed as a critical and crucial juncture which is therefore incumbent upon all to upholding the stability of peace that every Liberian is enjoying.

He furthered that despite the constitution giving a right to eligible citizens to vote, there is a great need for peace to rein during and after the electoral process.

“The Constitution pointed out that all citizens who attained the age of 18 and above are eligible to vote but said right come with the responsibility of all of us in maintaining the high earned peace that we had enjoyed over two decades,” Bishop Powell disclosed.

The Liberian clergyman also reminded Christians especially heads of religious congregation to desist from dragging God’s house into a political ground.

The head of Trinity Evangelical Church of Liberia emphasized that some politicians nowadays are in the habit of dragging the Church into politics in order to get their needful goals an act he called on all prelates to prohibit as it has the proclivity to undermine the growth of the Church.

Bishop Powell further stressed that politicians and their associates nowadays are smartly bringing the Church of God into politics which can cause a serious punishment from God.

In the next two weeks, Liberians are expected to go to the polls in the discharge of their constitutional rights to vote their leaders, a decision that will last for the next six and nine years respectively.

However, the calls for peace have taken center stage across the country as many do not want to go back to the dark days where fourteen years of civil unrest led to the destruction of lives, and properties and forced others to flee the county in the preservation of their golden animations.

In the wake of this, the Government of Liberia has continued to assure citizens and the international community of the conduct of free, fair, credible, inclusive, and peaceful elections come October 10 of this year.

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