PCC Embarks on Cleanup Exercise at Red-Light Market

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Paynesville City Corporation, (PCC) has embarked on a massive cleanup exercise at the Red Light Market.

The exercise which began on April 19, 2023, is intended to have the Market cleaned up and to prevent the throwing of dirt on the streets.

Speaking during the cleanup initiative, a member of PCC, James Kollie, noted that the entity was deeply worried about the huge pile of dirt at the Red Light Market.

“It is our work to clean the street,” he stressed.

He pointed out that PCC is being confronted with developing mechanisms that will prevent the throwing of dirt on the Streets.

Kollie stressed that vendors are hugely engaged in these unhealthy acts which are causing serious health hazards in the area.

He noted that PCC remains committed to ensuring that there is health sanctity at the Red Light Market.

Kollie warned these street vendors to desist from the such unwholesome practice.

“Today, we are cleaning up every dirt from Red-Light Market,” he recounted.


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