PCC Authorities Vow Enforceability Of City Law


By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

MONROVIA-Authorities of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) have vowed to ensure that the residents adhere to city ordinances.

The Public Relation Officer of the Paynesville City Corporation Jeremiah Kpadeh Diggen said that they will ensure the enforcement of the city ordinances.

Speaking recently on Truth FM, Mr. Diggen the authorities’ vigorous city ordinances enforceability is part of the administration’s plan to keep the city in its prepared perspective in the coming months.

Diggen said the City Ordinance is the organic law for the municipality that gives the City Authority the power  to enforce every regulation for the citizens to uphold.

According to him, the City Authority will also enforce the zoning law that prohibits residents to construct or build without approval from the Zoning Department.

He disclosed that PCC Authority will not allow any resident to construct a structure without a permit.

“ The City ordinances that speak about  People just constructing within the city without informing the City Corporation is totally against the City Ordinance number five-section, two that says before you carry out construction activities within the municipality of Paynesville you must engage the city authority, he indicated.

PCC Public Relations boss further disclosed that they are not going to allow the citizens to construct anywhere in the city without the proper guidance from PCC Authority.

He further noted that some residents are violating the city ordinances, something, according to him, they are not going to condone any longer.

Diggen also said that they will apprehend anyone who will dump dirt by the road in line with the City Ordinance.

He encourages residents to subscribe to those registered Community-Based Enterprises that are collecting garbage within the community to prevent apprehension.

Diggen did not hold back to inform the public that the City Authority is challenged with logistical and financial support in managing the removal of garbage within the city.


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