Paynesville Residents Extolled Public Works Contractors

By Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-Several Residents of Paynesville have extolled the Ministry of Public Works Contractors who are working on the Road leading from Red Light to ELWA Junction for the level of intensification accorded the road works.

According to our reporter who toured the road construction area, the contractors have completed the drainages from Du Port Road Junction to ELWA Junction.

Speaking to some of the drivers at  Du Port Road Junction,  they admitted that the contractors are now speeding up with the works, unlike the past year.

Jackson Tabolo a taxi driver said in the past the contractors were delaying with the road works but appreciates them for the level of work done.

He said due to the work by the contractors on the Red–Light to ELWA Junction, they, as drivers are facing serious challenges with the traffic mostly at Du-Road Junction and ELWA junction.

Taboo said the completion of the Red-Light to EELWA Junction by the Ministry of Public Works’ Contractors they, as road users,  will be free from major traffic and the destruction of the under part of their cares due to bad road.

James Kollie, a   taxi driver as well expressed some concern on the ongoing road works.

According  to him,  the Contractors  have not totally completed  the road  at  the commercial center of Red-Light, and came straight  to Du-Port Road junction, and then to Joe Bar, then to  GSA Road Junction  and  that  of  Total Gas Station opposite the Liberia Broadcasting System Compound with  their works which is somehow confusing

He said it is true that the contractors are advancing with the works, but they need to ensure that those areas where they have worked is totally completed.

Tabolo said,  they, as drivers will experience traffic and delay with their business when the Public Works Road contractors return to Red-Light to complete the work that they suspended.

He nevertheless appreciated the contractors for their efforts in improving the road,  emphasizing that they are now enjoying the road from Bob-Taylor Road Junction to Du-Port Road  Junction.

It can be recalled that Public Works Minister-designate Ruth Coker-Collins disclosed that the Ministry and its contractors were going to intensify the maintenance of roads including the construction of road projects across the country.

Minister Coker-Collins said because of the rainy season and other procurement processes those   contractors who were working on the various roads had to suspend their works.

She said the contractors are now working on the ELWA Road to Roberts International     Airport in line with the agreement between the government and of the contractors.

“Like we said and we will always be saying that this dry season,  we will have active works going on that road corridor from two front’’.

Minister Coker-Collins said the Ministry has a very short season  to work  on the various road corridors,  something that prompted the progressiveness of the road construction    and that of the Public Procurement processes to get every contractor  working across the country.

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