Paynesville Community Leaders Urged to Clean their Communities


By Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The continues dumping of garbage and open defecation    in various  communities in the municipality of Paynesville have caught the attention of  authorities of the Paynesville City Corporation and is seeking partnership to address the situation.
In finding a solution to the problem, PCC and her partners, SHALOM with Support from WaterAid Liberia is conducted training for some citizens, teaching them about proper managing of garbage in their communities.

Speaking to this reporter following the one day Wessex Water Urban WAH Program Operation and Management Training for Community Based Enterprise, Project Management Committee and Community leaders, the Director for Community Development at the Paynesville City Corporation, Aloysius Chieh used the event to encourage the various communities leaders to take initiative by ensuring that their communities are clean and free from open defecation.

He said the PCC authority is soliciting the needed support from its international development partners to assist in providing the capacity for the community dwellers to have their community clean.

According to him, Authority at  the PCC  did inform  the community leaders  of  the partnership  with  the international organization  to provide  the  training  in alleviating  the challenges  of waste management  with  in  their respective  communities.

He assured  the community leaders  of  the PCC’s willingness  the waste removal from  the communities  with a condition  that  after  the removal they as community leaders and residents  will take on  the responsibility  to manage  their waste  and toilet through an enterprise system.

Mr. Chieh disabused the mindset of the community residents  for take  their garbage  from  the community  to dump it by the roadside.

He described such attitude by residents as unhealthy for their community and the society.

Mr. Chieh  said each of  the trucks  that  they at the PCC rent per day is  three hundred  and fifty united State Dollars(US350.00)  including 50 gallons of fuel as well as  the  machine that cost five hundred United States dollars (US500.00)  and 550 gallons of fuel to remove  the garbage from  the  communities.

He said the City Corporation is spending immensely on removing the waste from the communities within the city.

Chieh disclosed  that part of  their vision   to transform Paynesville City was  the community engagement  through  the training  with  the community leaders on  how  to manage  their waste including  the community  toilet  that is constructed  by  their partners.

Also speaking was  the Executive Director  of SHALOM, Kunue Massally  who outlined  the objective  of  the training  with  the Community Based Enterprise  who are  to take ownership  of the Tiger Worms Toilet Facility that was constructed by WaterAid Liberia  through his organization.

According  to Mr. Massally, the eight room tiger worms toilet  was constructed  under  the Wessex project  to give relief to inhabitants  of the 72nd community.

He said such tiger worms toilet is a new innovation that have been try in lot of low income communities around  the world.

Mr. Massally  further said  with  the coming  in of such toilet in, it will transform those  area  from using  pit restroom  that produce odor unlike the tiger worms toilet.

He furthered that the provision of the tiger worms toilet in the 72 community will pave the way for the certification of the community as open defecation free.


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