Pay To Kill Terroristic Attack On UP HQ.

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

Police investigative report into the horrible scene at the Unity Party headquarters during the night of November 20, 2023, uncovered the perpetrator of the act being paid to carry out such terrorist attacks on jubilant partisans.

“Defendant Lawrence K. Williams’s actions leave the investigation with the conviction that there was indeed a motive, especially of monetary and psychological benefit, which he must have received from an unidentified source he has selected not to disclose, that led to defendant Lawrence Williams executing, said carnage on the innocent partisans and sympathizers who were jubilating on the night off November 20, 2023, at about 10 pm,” the police report revealed.

The police interpreted the defendant’s actions as intentional and total disregard for the value of human lives, sending him to court to face the full force of the law, particularly of monetary and psychological benefits, which he must have received from an unidentified source he chose not to disclose, that led to defendant Lawrence Williams executing several persons,

With the witness accounts and the tacit admission, defendant Williams has been charged with murder, aggravated assault and recklessly harming another person in violation of Liberia’s amended Penal Legislation, Chapter 14, Sections 14.1, 14.20, and 14.23.

The police charged the defendant with criminally, purposefully, and intentionally causing the death of three victims, Peter Gray, Mariama Kromah, and Varney Sulieman, as well as critically injuring about twenty-four other males and females currently in the intensive care unit of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, when he deliberately drove an unmarked grey Hyundai SUV with its headlights off and front passenger door open into a jubilant crowd of Unity Party partisans and supporters.

The probe also disclosed that defendant. Williams is an ardent supporter of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and a member of its militant brigade with which he has been associated for the past two years.

The defendant was apprehended by the Liberian National Police at his Cowfield last intersection in Duport Road, Paynesville with the help of witness Adolphus Cooper, the motorcycle who took him from the scene of the incident to his Paynesville apartment.

He has since refused to reveal the identity of the individual(s)whose order he was executing during the operation.

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