‘Pay Our 14 Years Salary Arrears’


-Disbanded Soldiers Appear To Government

By Mark N. Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com 

A group under the canopy “Executive Committee of the Unconstitutional Disbanded Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia” are demanding 14 years’ salary arrears from the George Weah led government.

In a petition which has been forwarded to House’s Committees on Ways & Means, National Defense and Judiciary to reporter in a week’s time, the disbanded soldiers they were unconstitutionally from the force without benefits.

The group said, prior to the dissolution of the Armed Forces of Liberia, they, the E-90 soldiers were left out of the pension scheme adding it was a violation of the veterans Act section 1.3 sub-section 1.3.1 which defends the word veteran as “any person(s) who served the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) for a period of five years and above and who was and will be honorably retired or discharged by the government of Liberia and satisfied by the Ministry of National Defense.”

The group said “in our case this was not done, meaning we are stay regular soldiers under our law, which of course we are entitled to monthly salary (s), because what is not done properly is not done at all.”

Capt. Jerry Kollie and his members indicated that they are now concern about how the Liberian government will pay their salary arrears for the period of 14 years.

“Currently those soldiers that were retired by the Ministry of National Defense are receiving pension salary(s) in the amount of thirty-five United States Dollars per month, this means yearly a pensioned soldier receiving four Hundred and twenty United States Dollars)  Capt. Kollie said.

He went on to say “considering the amount above, the 9000 E-90 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia is to receive Five Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty United States Dollar each for the 14 years……”

The soldiers are also claiming settlement benefits from the Liberian government in their words to satisfy them in other for all Liberians and other nationals to enjoy the peace.

House’s Committees on Ways & Means, National Defense and Judiciary one week given to look into the matter and advise the plenary will either agree for the motioned amount and benefits to be distributed to the soldiers or let sleeping dog lies.

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