Pastor, Medicine Man Jailed For Murder

By R Joyclyn Wea

The Monrovia City Court on Thursday, April 26, 2018, witnessed another dramatic scene when state security officers arrested Pastor Emmett Hoff alleged to be the General Overseer of the Global Praise Baptist Church located in Barnesville community and his ‘medicine man’ unknown as ‘Mandingo Papay’.

The two men were brought before the Monrovia City Court under the instruction of stipendiary magistrate, J. Kennedy Peabody, for their alleged involvement in the gruesome murder of victim Alexander Slocum who was allegedly murdered in the Johnsonville Township on March 22, 2018.

“You are hereby commanded to arrest the living body (ies) of Mike, Emmett Hoff, Solo Edward alias Pepper Wulu, Bowlekey, Mandingo Papay and others, to be identified defendants and forthwith bring them before the Monrovia City Court, Temple of Justice building, Montserrado county to answer to charge of murder based upon the oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and thru prosecutor (trix). In which it is substantially alleged as follow to the writ,” court reads.

Emmett Hoff is believed to be the overseer of the Global Praise Church or Global Reunion Church located in Barnesville community.

Upon issuance of the stipendiary magistrate writ of arrest, defendant Emmett Hoff along with his medicine man was arrested on Thursday, April 26, 2018, by state security in Monrovia and brought before that court at which time they were forwarded to jail pending court trial.

The court action to arrest the Baptist clergyman is based upon oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and thru prosecutor (family of victim Alexander Slocum) alleging him and other associates of murdering Slocum in the Johnsonville community while the deceased being a land seller carried Samuel Benson (customer) to see the area.

“On march 22, 2018, in the area of Johnsonville, Montserrado county, the defendant being there and then with wicked intent, purposely did connive and conspire and intentionally murdered Alexander Slocum whose decomposed body was exhumed from a shadow grave in Johnsonville, “Building For Tomorrow” with the said defendant intent to cause the death of Alexander Slocum,” the court writ further indicated.

The alleged act of the defendants being unlawful, wicked, illegal and willful, is in violation of section 14.1 of the new penal law of Liberia there and then the crime herein defendant did do and commit.

“Your will be the loser,” Pastor Hoff threatened the victim’s family while been escorted to prison by officers of the Liberia National Police.”

Pastor Hoff further warned journalist not to take his photograph saying “I will sued you if you take my photo and published it.”

“Contrary of being forced from and effect to the statutory laws of Liberia in such cases made and proven against the peace and dignity for this Republic, and for so doing this shall constitute your legal and sufficient authority and have you this writ of arrest,” the writ added.

During search around the area where the victim was attacked on Tuesday, March 22, 2018, the family were led by signs of dried stains on leaves which they followed until they got at a cleared off area where they noticed a newly dug dirt believed to be grave and also saw used gloves on the scene.

It can be recalled that following the incident, the victim’s family contacted the police in Johnsonville and Barnesville and informed them about the discovery grave and subsequently the homicide team and forensic team from LNP headquarters were informed and a team from Crime Service Department (CSD) responded on the scene.

Upon the homicide team’s arrival on the scene about 12:20hrs, briefing was given by the CSD commander of Johnsonville who also led the homicide team at the scene of the discovered grave.

The hole was thoroughly dug and an object believed to be human was seemed in the hole. The corpse was exhumed and displayed for identification purpose and the victim’s younger brother and his cousin (Charles Slocum and Opa Carey) identified him by his dress code and his hairy body (chest).

The deceased’s mortal remain was transported and preserved at the Abraham Roberts funeral parlors pending investigation by the LNP to identify the perpetrator(s) of the gruesome act to bring them to justice.

Two initial arrests were made in the community in which defendant Lawrence Wah 28 years and Joseph Tobey 24 years of the Johnsonville Township were pickup by PSU advance team for questioning or investigation regarding their alleged involvement in the death of the late Slocum.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that the Slocum’s Family and Edward Gibson (pepper Wulu’s Town People) are in conflict for land in “Building For Tomorrow Community”, Johnsonville Township, the same being the place of the alleged murder incident and that matter is currently pending before the court for ruling.

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