Pastor Joah’s Family to Construct Modern Education Facilities

-Plans To Give Back To School He Started From In Grand Bassa County

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

MONROVIA-The Superintendent of the Soltiamon Christian School System, St. Solomon Joah has disclosed plans that his family is prepared to give back to Zondo, a community in Grand Bassa County where he started his education.

Zondo community located in district four, behind the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) in Grand Bassa County is a mission where the Mid-Liberia Baptist Elementary school is located.

Addressing a news conference Thursday March 4, 2021, Pastor Joah recounted that the school is where he laid his education foundation at the age of sixteen.

“In 1968, my poor father brought my brother Jefferson A. Zeon and me to attend Mid-Liberia Baptist Elementary School,” he said.

According to him, God honored his word as he gave him the ability to move faster from 1st Grade to 3rd Grade and later completed his elementary school earlier.

“It was here on the Mid-Liberia Baptist Mission in Zondo on that historic evening when I did encounter the Lord Jesus Christ, who soundly saved me from my sins,” he added.

Pastor Joah further said he has learned that it is not enough to just believe and remain nominal, one must feed daily on the Bible, the very word of God.

“We have decided to give back to Zondo little bit more than what we received here in those days. Realizing the sad trend that many of our brethren who left Zondo couldn’t survive due to the harshness of the socio-economic terrain, Mrs. Joah and I have decided to include the Jr. & Sr. High school and College components to our plan. The elementary school component has been working in Zondo the past five years,” he said.

He added “The High school component should be ready to open in September next year in order to capture those completing Jr. High in September. The college component will be prepared within two years to be ready to receive the first high school graduates. While the high school component is firmly operating. We shall pick up the high school component.”

“The estimated cost of this project for the elementary school which is phase one of the larger project is at US$65,000.00, using local materials and volunteer services.”

He said the fees for the school will be the lowest to afford the local residents and citizens in the community the opportunity.


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