Over LRD3million Confiscated


By Esau J. Farr

Report from Greenville, Sinoe County says the Joint Security in the area has confiscated more than three million Liberian Dollars from a lady age, 50.

The money is said to have been confiscated from the lady identified as Annie Stockton at the Plank Site Check Point near Greenville, Sinoe County during a joint security operation at the checkpoint.

Madam Stockton told preliminary security investigation that she was not illegally possessing the money.

According to her, she is a gold broker and has since been in the business of Gold buying and selling for the past ten years.

Security officers at the checkpoint said they were suspicious of the lady for mixing the money in question with Vita Cube, Onion, Tobacco and Tie Soap amongst other things in cartons and was caught riding on a motorcycle under charter.

After the discovery of the money in the procession of Annie, community residents called on officers of the Joint Security Team in the area to ensure that the money in question is not illegally being possessed.

As part of the investigation, the lady at the center of the investigation has told officers of the Joint Security Team that her husband (named not disclosed) is in procession of all legal documents given to her by the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy to operate.

This information was made available to this paper by a local journalist in Sinoe (Ezekiel Geeplay) through FARBRIC FM 101.1.

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