Over 600 Vulnerable People In Bong County Benefit From Safe Home Children Village Donation


Over 600 vulnerable people in Bong County, especially Elderly and persons with disabilities in Flehla   Town , Salala District have benefited from a local  Charity organization , Safe Home Village.

Speaking    during    the distribution of  the assorted   food items   that   include parcel of  rice  and  beans soap amongst others. On   Wednesday   June 24, 2020,  the Director   of  the Safe Home  Children Village,  John  Travis  said   the donation  was   the organization’s    way of  providing nutrition  for  the elderly and disabled people  during   this  coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the communities and towns that benefited   comprised of central Flehla, Sugar hill, Wroputa,  Baysah farm , Fofana Town , Cooper  town among others

The Safe Home Children Village was officially operational in Liberia since   July 15, 2006, making impact on the lives of less fortunate children, the elderly and disabled in Montserrado, Margibi, Bong and Nimba Counties.      

 According to Mr. Travis some elderly people within the Community lacking food and other necessity   thus affecting their nutrition especially   in the rural communities.

He said  during  the distribution  the team  was able  to educate  the community residents   on  the significant  of  upholding  those   coronavirus  preventive  measures .

Mr. Travis  giving  the objective  of the donation “we want  to cut down  the death rate because people who had not have food , and they  do not have people  to depend on  for food , those  who  they were depending on earlier  cannot afford so you will find out  in  the communities  the death  is getting high , so we want  to give assurance  of hope “.

The Safe Home Children Village  Director  further disclosed  that  the team was engaged  in educating  the beneficiaries  on  the preventive measures of  the coronavirus pandemic  that is taking  the lives of millions  of people around  the world including Liberia.         

Mr. Travis  used  the event  to call on  humanitarian  0gnizations    to support  the Safe Home Children Village  food distribution  program as a means  of    meeting   the needs of more elderly and disabled people  in  the rural part of the country .

He indicated that the Safe Home Children Village food distribution is supported by the Church of Christ   and the Christian community.

Mr. Travis however revealed   that the charity organization is running orphanage that has impacted over 300 children through education for the past 15 years.     

Receiving the assorted food items in a jubilant mood, one of the beneficiaries who is an Elderly woman, Lorpu Bobocie   extolled the Safe Home Children Village for coming to their aid during   these challenging times.

“I am happy  for  the food  and I say thank  God for your  to come  to give me rice , I tell your thank you plenty where  the small one coming from  let  the big one go  there, ‘’ she indicated.

Madam Boboocie further said she and her children were out of food stressing that the food distributed by the Safe Home Children Village was timely especially for the rice.

“My children will eat today, their stomach will get full to the number nonsense I am happy,” she said.

Also speaking as Madam Kama  Jallah  who used the event  to appreciate   the organization  for   the assorted food items  indicating  that  she  is ill  with no one  to provide assistance . 

‘’I tell them thank you very much as for me I am sick I been here one month now no body to take care of me, no money so I say thank you,” she expressed.

Madam Jallah also seeks God intervention   for the partners of the Safe Home Children Village to keep providing such humanitarian aid   for the vulnerable people among others.

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