Over 5,000 Women Endorse WeahIn Nimba

By Melvin Zawolo Doloquee/Nimba County


Latest report emanating from Nimba County says over five thousand (5,000) rural women from Zoe-Gweh have endorsed the reelection bid of President George M. Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

According to our correspondent in the county, the over 5,000 rural women gathered in Bahn City on Sunday September 4,2023 and Endorsed the reelection of the Liberian leader saying that their decision to endorse President Weah is intended to empower him continue more developmental activities across the country.

Speaking at the gathering in Bahn City, the head of the women group, Madam Lydia Menwon said rural women who endorsed President Weah are mostly women who are benefiting from President George Weah Government through development activities across the country.

She named the modern school been constructed in Bahn, pavement of roads across the country and the recent donation of school buses to various institutions in the county, among others

She told the gathering that citizens of Zoe-Gweh are currently benefiting from the cross-border electricity among others. At the gathering, Madam Mamie Gbelee, an official of the women group also praised the Liberian leader for the level of development he is carrying out in their county.

According to the women, they are not women who are ungrateful to President Weah but decided to openly support him for his reelection as a means of reciprocating.

“We as rural women will continue to support President Weah to enable him achieve his dream of developing this oldest African country, those who are going against our President let them wait small for him to finish his good leadership across the country, she said.”

Zoe-Gweh Youth Chairman, Joe K.Giah also pledged the young people in the district support toward the reelection of President Weah to enable the Liberian leader continue with his development activities in the country.

The ceremony was graced by several women groups and local institutions including Chiefs, Elders from the rural party, Samuel Philip and Madam Mary Massaquoi, head of District#4.

“Your decision today was not a mistake but rather a good and real one to do so that the world including Liberians can know what  is going on,” she added.”

At the forum, Bahn businessman and one of President Weah’s strong supporters, Elijah Wonlea said his presence at the occasion will enable more voters to change their mind and join him in supporting the reelection of President Weah.

“I’m currently working with the rural women in Zoe-Gweh to change the narratives of voting in the county, we will not vote because you from the county but will vote for President Weah who has impacted the lives of every Liberian including Nimbaians, so we are coming in to support him so that he can continue with his development,” he added.


Also speaking, the Deputy Camping Manger of Nimba who is also County Inspector, Mack Gblinwon and Senatorial Candidate Roland G. Duo lauded the rural women for building such convenience in the leadership of President Weah.




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