“Our Achievements Are Gateway For Reelection”

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

As he climaxes campaign activities in the central Liberian providence of Bong County, incumbent George M. Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has boasted that his government’s achievement will serve as a getaway for his reelection comes October 10, 2023.

Speaking to thousands of CDC supporters at the David KuryonSports Stadium in Gbarnga City, Bong County on recently at a political rally, the CDC political leader maintained that his government has achieved roads construction, free tuition for public schools, the payment of WASSCE fees, the construction of schools, health facilities, women development coupled with youth empowerment and participation in government, among others.

President Weah stressed that together as a party and government;they have achieved a lot in the infrastructure development of the country. He added, “We are here because of what we have achieved together and to also show the world how true democracy works,” the CDC Standard-bearer said.

President Weah lauded his supporters for the love and support they have shown to him over the years nothing, “I know that you are all here to show your love for country and to manifest the love you have for me, your leader, George Manneh Weah and the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change.”

He called on his supporters as well as other well-meaning Liberians who have reached the constitutional voting age to vote for him and his running mate, Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor on October 10, 2023. He at the same time, encouraged citizens of Bong to vote for Representative J. Marvin Cole of District#3 and Rep. Edward Karfiah who is contesting as Senator in the pending October 10, 2023 Elections.

Meanwhile, President Weah acknowledged the support of the first time voters in Bong and Liberia at large for their support toward his candidacy stressing that they have made the right choice to follow and vote for the Coalition for Democratic Change which he referred to as the people’s party and the party of the young people.

The Chief Executive called on Liberians not to listen to the rhetoric of opposition politicians who are claiming to be rescuers and fixers saying that the opposition politicians have never rescued and fixed Liberia and as such, they lack the technical knowledge to do so.

He challenged members of the opposition bloc who are claiming to be rescuers and fixers to point to what they have rescued and fixed for Liberians before.

He argued that some of those who are claiming to be rescuers had numerous leadership opportunities to work in public service for over years and that they did nothing but squandered all the opportunities to rescue Liberians. He called on Liberians to vote for the Weah-Taylor ticket that has done so well in a relatively short period.

“Fellow Liberians, I’m your President, your developer, your talk and do. Today, your children can attend public universities free of charge. Today, parents do not have to struggle to pay WASSCE fees like they did before,” the Liberian President maintained.

He asserted that Liberia is 176 years old and he was given a mandate about six years ago by the Liberian people; within five years, even with the COVID-19 pandemic he has built more hospitals than any other President in Liberian history.

He argued that he and his government have paved more roads than any other government and President in the history of the country. Weah lamented that members of the opposition Unity Party spent 12 years in government and they didn’t rescue themselves wondering as to how they are going to rescue Liberia.

At the same time, President Weah has debunked allegations against his government on the importation of narcotic drugs into the country. Responding to the allegations, President Weah revealed that drug issue in Liberia has been an old age problem, adding that his government should not be blamed.

He disclosed that he met drugs in Liberia during his youthful days including when he was a Senator and now President of the country. The Liberian leader at the same time revealed that during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former Vice President Joseph Boakai, there were more drugs imported into the country.

He explained that several government officials were arrested including the former NSA Director with drugs in his car along the Liberia and Sierra Leone border during former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Government and Joseph Boakai.

President George Weah who is seeking re-election requested Bong citizens to give him additional years to enable him to achieve more development activities across the Country.

Weah referred to himself as the only person who can rescue Liberians not any of the presidential candidates because they ran away during the time the citizens needed their help.

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