Opposition Politicians Tinted Liberia USA Image

MONROVIA-The long time speculations that the Coalition for Democratic Change led Government and that of the United States Government are not fully cooperating especially in the area of the needed developmental support, has finally been unleashed by Minister Ledgerhood Rennie.

The Liberia Information Minister attributes the bad image of Liberia to the United States Government by the opposition politicians who are in the United States.

Speaking during the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism regular press conference recently , Minister Rennie said some opposition politicians are in the United States providing misinformation through propaganda damaging the country’s image to that of the United States Government .
He said it is unfortunate for Liberians to be seeking for the United States Government to place sanction on Liberia only because they are not in support of the Government; that is in power without thinking about the citizens.

Minister Rennie said the United States is a powerful country in the world and Liberia is not receiving the needed support from that nation because of the negative propaganda that is affecting the country.
The Liberian Government spokesman told those Liberians Opposition politicians who are destroying the country’s image because they hate the present leadership and not only to affecting the government progress, but the citizens who they are to lead .

Minister Rennie however urged those he described as unpatriotic Liberian politicians to discontinue their negativity about the country only because politics that is harming the country and its people.

Since the taking the power of authorities as a Government in 2018, president George Weah has not been officially invited by the president and Government of United States of America with the revelation by Minster Rennie, has clearly proved that the Government of the United States is not happy with the Liberian Government.

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