Opinions Divided Over Boakai’s US Visit

MONROVIA-While the Chairman of the trouble-prone Collaborating Political Parties, CPP, or his followers  are basking in self-acclaimed glorification over the outcome of his United States trip, other group of Liberians is pecking the tree in another fashion, rendering an all-out judgement that the trip was unnecessary,  a failure and mere floorshow, if not even untimely.

Former Vice President Joseph Boakai who crowns himself as having the wherewithal and magic wine to defeat incumbent President Weah in 2023 spent few weeks in the US holding meetings of all sorts with his US-based support groups and some state officials.

But arguments as to whether going to the US was necessary or not are being ignited by the outcome of the just-ended by-election in four counties in which the CPP, the political conglomeration which Mr. Boakai heads, performed so dismally far beyond expectations.

Those detesting the visit   of  the Chairman vis-a-vis the outcome of the byelection argued that it was meaningless the  former VP made such trip  at the crucial time of the CPP going into the litmus test-like election.

Dissecting the pros and cons of the visit at an intellectual Center in Paynesville at the weekend, its opponents said there was absolutely no need for such visit during the crucial time of the existence of the CPP.

Given that the CPP regards itself as  an alternative to the so-called mislead of the Coalition for Democratic Change government in 2023, they contended that the CPP was proceeding very wrongly evident by the bickering, division and egotism that are so Rooty being portrayed.

Observed by James Dorbor, an influential member of the Intellectual Center, that if the CPP leadership is not united before 2022, many Liberians will rather return to the CDC simply on the basis of being with the “devil you know then to mingle with the angel you have not seen concept.”

Far apart from the disconcerting disunity in the group, Dorbor further weighed in on the timelines of Chairman Boakai’s visit, saying there was no need at all when a serious by-election was hovering and the CPP needed  to showcase the political prowess  they often brag of in order to augment representations  in the Lower House of the National legislature.

In the view of Augustine Flomo, another intellectualist,  since the arrival of the Unity Party presumed Standard-bearer, much is yet to be seen in terms of the tangibles such as holding talks with  top USA Government officials besides flowery of discussions with state officials, with details are to be known.

He argued that Boakai’s to prioritize visiting America over, first finding solution to the crisis in the CPP and taking prime interest in the erstwhile by-election show his lack of interest in grounding himself as a real force against President Weah in 2023.

“Equally,” he went on, “it demonstrates to Liberians that he does not seriously  the critical role or responsibility he carries  as chairman of a major opposition. In fact, the visit  is a sign of  lack of interest  in consolidating his base and  popularizing himself with the Liberian people.”

While Boakai was breaking bones in the US  and showing off that he is the best choice for the CPP against President Weah, his perceived opponent in person of Mr. Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) was in the woodlands campaigning for CPP candidates in a way  that produced good results for them over  candidates of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Flomo stated.

Though gloomy appears to be for CPP in the wake of the seemingly  unending feud fueled by how should the ticket in 2023, some diehard supporters believe it is matter of time the rigmarole is put behind.

Joseph Tokpah, one of those who hold such views is hopeful  that  the CPP  will overcome  the  challenges  and unite and wrestle  the country from  the hands  of what he calls “visionless leadership of the CDC”.

Just as the CPP Chairman himself, Tokpa says it is only Joseph Boakai who can defeat the CDC in the 2023 presidential elections.

As if he was aware of the frustration being poured by some Liberians, the CPP Chairman has been trying to calm the storm and deflect criticism by writing on his official social media page that he has been following developments back home as far as the election outcome is concerned.

He expressed gratitude  to the candidates  and supporters for peacefully conducting  themselves accordingly during  the campaigning  period.

“I have been following development back home and as chairman of the CPP, let me take this time to extend thanks all of our candidates, “ he indicated.

Extending appreciation to Senator Leah Landrum Taylor of the State of Arizona for the warm reception and fruitful discussion held with him, Boakai argued his visit is intended to reconnect with good friends of Liberia for the good of the nation.

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